Your animal crossing the island can be in a museum as part of a COVID-19 exhibit

The National Videogame Museum, located in Frisco, Texas, is a magical wonderland with retro and vintage game items hidden from the cellars of former children around the world. Unlike most museums, however, it leaves you touch things, as they explain in their mission statement:

Video games are meant to be played, and that is the underlying thought behind every single exhibit at the museum. This means that we will do everything in our power to enable museum patrons to actually PLAY as many games as possible during their visit to the National Videogame Museum.

It sounds like our kind of museum. But now we all have the chance to be a part of it forever by submitting ours Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands to NVM’s “Animal Crossing Diaries”, where they hope to document the response to COVID-19 as it happened within Tom Nook’s little piece of heaven.

It’s no surprise that the cultural moment that was Animal Crossing during a pandemic is museum worthy: we’ve had celebrities crazy about the game (they’re like us!), Companies from IKEA to LEGO recreating their products in AC: NH world and creative innovators who design wrinkles, vitiligo and stretch marks in the game to better represent the player’s diversity.

You can send your island and / or answer a few questions to the National Videogame Museum on their special Animal Crossing website, and while there is no guarantee that it will make it to the final exhibition, it’s your chance to be a part of history (and show from your lush landscaping)!