While Gabriel Soto reads the scandal for his intimate video, Geraldine Bazán goes to the winter in Aspen

(Photo: Instagram by Geraldine Bazán)
(Photo: Instagram by Geraldine Bazán)

Geraldine Bazán prefers to separate from the scandal that ended the week protagonizing his ex-partner and father of his wife Gabriel Soto, and is that the actress is now enjoying a fun, free vacation in Aspen, Colorado.

The Mexican woman is pushing for the middle of the controversy that is now taking place in her ex, who is this week posted on social media and intimate video that presumably had grabbed many years ago.

Waiting for the scandal that accompanies the father of his daughters Elissa and Miranda, Geraldine Bazán is vacationing and enjoying a unique landscape in Aspen, Colorado, United States.

The actress posted on her Instagram account some posts of her activities at this tourist center and Thursday formoder a look plate that the help to support the low temperatures.

Geraldine Bazán discusses his vacations in Aspen while Gabriel Soto fires a scandal

In the images can be seen in Bazán more than a list to start to ask in the company of a mysterious man, and that is the last apparel with the complete grid, by which if the alarms are going to go off if you are traveling alone or accompanied by a new lover.

There is another video showing him climbing the mountains with great joy and talent; además de disrutar de algunas bebidas calientes.

También also published a graceful clip in which he searched the heads that caen on his rostro. “I’m trying to get a little snow”, audiovisual installation that grabs during a break and is recorded over a screen.

Geraldine Bazán also shared a photo with one of her friends, with whom she could travel to celebrate the Christmas festivities.

The actress hizo this journey has been able to increase his price of Navidad with his wife, who this year passed this celebration with his father, Gabriel Soto.

(Photo: Instagram by Geraldine Bazán)
(Photo: Instagram by Geraldine Bazán)

The bazaar magazine publishes the postings of the scene that took place with Elissa and Miranda, giving Lucen in the middle of his room adorned especially for the occasion and accompanied by other integrators of his family.

“This is a special post for moms and dads that for the reason that there can be no ties that divide the times with their husbands …”, began the message of the famous one.

The first years are not easy, I confess; pero con el tiempo te das cuenta que solo las crunstancias cambian y the most beautiful thing is that you live the natural way of life and that you, like my mother, love the confidence that everything is good ”, added to the love of the amorous photographs with his hips.

And here we are, learning to enjoy your “free” time as well as everything and being accommodated. ¡¡¡Que tengan una hermosa Navidad !!! ”, Concluded Geraldine Bazán, who was mentioned over 4.8 million de seguidores on Instagram.

The actress who published these images was just right when he wanted to know the intimate video of his ex-partner, with which he sought to get behind the scandal and impede the relationship with the controversy.

Gabriel Soto has played video intimo que se filtró og las redes sociales

The last week of the commencement week in circular a private video of Gabriel Soto and in question of hours goes viral in social networks. The actor accepts on Twitter the veracidad del mismo and assures that there is a violation of his intimacy.

“Good morning to all, how are you? So what are the digos? One more tiger cub. Ingen voy a hablar mucho del tema, lo unique que quiero decirles es que me siento muy woundbar por la manner en que se violo mi intimidad, and make it clear that this has happened many years ago ”, added in a video posted on his Instagram account.

“I’m completely responsible for this topic, and I’m sure to ask my friends of the communication media all about their support for this treaty with the mayor committed to guaranteeing the welfare of my brothers and sisters. Thank you very much for your support and compensation, “he said.

In front of the scandal, Irina Baeva returned the support to her partner and recorded that he was affected by the mayor in the midst of the meetings between Soto and Geraldine Bazán.


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