What would you change about M1 MacBooks? [Poll]

By and large, Apple’s M1 MacBooks and Mac mini have been a hit with major improvements across the board. However, the improvements never end, and Apple has asked early M1 MacBook customers a list of questions in a new study, including what they would change about the new generation of computers. What about you, what would you like to see with the next iteration of M1 MacBooks?

Apple’s M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro include some really impressive performance gains, including speed and efficiency. The latter provides the best battery life we’ve ever seen in Mac notebooks. For more on all of this, see the in-depth coverage in my colleague Jeff Benjamin’s full review:

It was no surprise, but the first generation M1 MacBook Air and Pro came with the same hardware design as its predecessors. However, 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are expected as early as next year.

With the first Apple Silicon Macs in the hands of early customers in just over a month, Apple is asking for detailed feedback on the machines, including what change they would like to see in future Macs.

There are a number of things that will be on the mind for MacBook users here: 1080p FaceTime camera, ditch Touch Bar, slimmer frames / new design, 4 USB-C / Thunderbolt ports, 32 and 64GB RAM options, Face ID, and more.

Which M1 MacBook change is most important to you?

I downloaded the 13-inch base MacBook Pro and happened to get the Apple review. It is quite long and contained many questions. But the most interesting is one of the last questions: “What thing, if anything, do you want to add to or change your MacBook Pro?”

Since this survey is sure to hit a small percentage of Mac users, we would like to ask what change / upgrade is most important to you with the next M1 MacBooks? Share your thoughts in the poll and comments below!

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