What does Trump’s intention to change the economic estimate mean?

(CNN) – President Donald Trump’s surprise video posted on Tuesday night expressing his remarks on the coronavirus af US $ 900,000 million alive project, which was meticulously negotiated, planted immediately by the government of a governor and an economic agitation at a time when it is desperately looking for help for millions of residents.

The president did not explicitly agree to veto the project, and the Blanca House will be more vigilant at night than the company. Without embarrassment, in the video posted on Twitter, there is a caption of confusion in a delicate process that includes only the economic level ahead of covid-19, including a global $ 500 billion global gastronomic package.

First, some hechos

The Casa Blanca explicitly states that the Republicans of the Senate have weekdays that support the search of a general agreement (12 projects of the right-wing assignments in a single package) and that negotiations take place during the week.

The Casa Blanca was completely as good as it was in the project of lei and it was agreed. Ingen hindring, Casa Blanca officials are reconciling March on the night that Trump did not receive detailed information about the package before its approval.

The Mayor of the Elements that the President mentions as problematic in his March video on the night of the part of the economic stimulus package by covid-19. Eran del compendio. The Mayor of his points, if not all, eran ligner and points of the previous guest packages that Trump has signed.

Especially the people involved in the statement say that the president is enthusiastic about helping out with the package. One more time, it’s part of each guest package that the company previously owned. Syndembargo, Trump is irritated by the commentators of the conservative media that are queuing up for help, following people familiar with the topic.

What does the Congress say about Trump’s intentions to change the economic stimulus agreement?

In view of its solicitation to “amend” the bill of lading, well, both chambers have approved the legislation. Y, at this point, both party assistants say they have no plan to make any move to accept the president’s request regarding the authorized package. The first comments are that both parties simply ignore the situation and remain calm. The governing body has a continuous resolution of this site, for which it has some time. The real limited sale is on December 28th.

“He’s obsessed with something else and is obsessed with everything in this episode,” CNN told a high-ranking Democrat assistant. “It simply came to our notice then. A perfect code for your time in the cargo », opinion.

It is, however, currently the assistants of both parties in its atonement.

“It’s a strange thing that I’m not surprised at all because I’ve been here, but I’ve been a bit pissed off because I’ve been preoccupied with everything since this parish was in a good place, alt rango.

Democrats are pushing for Trump’s dichotomy over economic growth

Multiple assessors and Republican senators, along with many White House staffers, told CNN that they did not advertise that they were running for president and against the package. Casa Blanca officials have said in a statement that they would approve, and say, that Trump has the intention of the company.

The Democrats, without embarrassment, approved that the president launch a fast-paced bubble. The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Nancy Pelosi, will act on behalf of the law in order to approve a direct payment of US $ 2,000 with the unanimous consent.

“Republicans repeatedly say they want the president to run for direct checks,” Pelosi said on Tuesday night. «Por fin el presidente accepts US $ 2,000. The Democrats are listed to discuss this week by unanimous consent. Congratulations! », Agregó.

There are cases where this option is blocked. Only members are required to block a unanimous consent and there are many Republicans who oppose these direct payments. But it will show an intermediate division between Republicans and Trump at a time when the party is in the middle of a war that has ended and only one day before the critical elections of the Second World War of Georgia.

Senate Democrat Leader, Chuck Schumer, told Trump that the package would be approved this week and that it would work with Congress to increase direct payments.

Trump has been searching for a long time for larger direct payments

Trump has been working with his aides for weeks on end over the direct payroll, following officials who talk to him. The US $ 600 level actually led to the proposal of his secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, his principal negotiator in all this agreement, both of the level for the covid-19 as the general guest. Mnuchin spent March on television promoting the route. If Trump is used to paying more, no one explicitly agrees to torpedo the project if it is not included, that is, a person familiar with the matter.

Finally: Trump could have entered into talks on the economic stimulus at any given moment and, no doubt, had a significant effect. Simply no lo hizo. Tuiteó. De vez en cuando hacía comentarios en reuniones. Mnuchin and the director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, the informant about the talks, but no one is directly involved. Era, like mucho, a passive judge, and the majority of the times completely ausente, segun senadores og assistants de ambos partos. Trump has been exclusively obsessed with his efforts to turn down the results of the elections, paying attention to a few more in the last weeks.

Another note: the package is approved by a majority and has a veto. Syndembargo, no one is clear what it means if Trump decides to go to extremes. Republicans in the House of Representatives tended to move that Trump move, because it is possible that the original voting content is not operational. Ingen hindring, es demasiado pronto para eso. At the moment, however, the world is in a state of despair and sees what fits with the economic estimate and the package through Trump’s statements.

Kevin Liptak of CNN contributes to an este reporter.