Waterfall, Judo horoscope December 24, 2020 | Water Horoscopes

Of course, deserías haber cambiado de energië, pero las circunstancias del año not te habrían permitido todo lo que in su moment fuera mejor para ti. For these things to do, it is possible to do so at the end of the day, giving you more time for your emotions to be established. The Luna created will be the best way to make positive changes.

It concentrates on knowing that whatever it takes, it will raise any sensation of impediment to a series of unexpected moments. Address the issues of front, and a series of days on which no tendencies will think the opposite. There is a good time right now that the transit of Aries to Tauro is going well.

Pronostic of the day: you will meet a person much more fortunate, then the trigone between the Moon and the Sun, you will feel bent and need to make sure that things are complicated, difficult or with negative energies. For these stars give me the best of you.


It is time to feel that you are paying attention to love, by the end of the day one more feeling than in the past. For this it is how we concentrate on being a much more consistent person with everything we do, giving the life of satisfaction as at any other moment. The Luna created will seriously suffice the contiguous series.

First of all, think of it as coming to you, because there are some important things to remember before you think that everything is fine. One of the best situations for today, is that everything for animals, avoids that alcohol generates bad energies in a day as important as this.

It’s a good time to make a donation to a person who is sure to lose the probabilities you have. Because there are tendencies all around in your entourage to get better in each instant, making actions like the previous one, possibly believing that Valdría the pen has the right one. With the number four in regency tendrils all available.


By means of a good companion, you will feel like a magazine like on occasion when it has vibrated. In order to be able to pay for your load, you will be thinking about how to solve it and not the other way around. Use the best of them, so that your working life goes on ascension and not the other way around. There is a day when the transit of Aries to Tauro, will sell well to know that has completed everything.

Preaching for couples today
If you find yourself in pairs: terminarían los malos entendidos, tiempo para sentirte en calma con tu parja.
If you are safe: ingen arruines lo que la vid te tiene preparado, los miedos que surgen en ti, solo son pruebas para el amor que te correspondonde.
Sexual energy level: everything.

Love: Tauro or signs of tierra.
Amistad: Gemini the signs of air.
Laboral: Sagittarius or signs of fugue.
Tolerance level: everything.
With whom you can enter into tension: es mejor alejarte de un Jomfruen.