Wanda Vázquez discusses the case of Ashley Torres Feliciano with the Project Inocence

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and the lawyer Julio Fontanet, founder of the Puerto Rican Inocence Project, discusses the details of Ashley Marie Torres Feliciano’s clenched petition, the young mother, a victim of domestic violence, who was sentenced to 111 years in jail as a co-defendant by the author of the material of 11 years ago in prison.

Fontanet indicates that the encounter lasted a little longer than one hour and that detailed repairs of the expedition developed by the Junta de Libertad Bajo Palabra on the subject of clemency. The lawyer did not inform that exactly what was discussed was that much of the content was confidential.

Have a very good conversation. The governor must be receptive to these and other merits. My impression is that she is conscious of the power (of clemency) and that she has to deal with prudence and that any decision that she has is fundamental ”, said Fontanet to El Nuevo Día.

We are optimistic. It is a merit case that generates consensus ”, added the lawyer.

The governor was quoted in Fontanet as La Fortaleza and must convene the meeting with messages in its social speeches. “Reunida con Lcdo. Julio Fontanet del Proyecto Inocencia refers to various cases. La verdad y la justicia siempre han sido mi norte ”, published the saliente mandataria en la red social Twitter.

Fontanet expresses, for its part, that Vázquez Garced, with his transfer as tax and jefa of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Women can understand justice in the absence of sentences and value the context of the case of an adolescent mother, sexually abused since she was 14 years old and sometimes a patron of gender violence.

“Ahsley is sexually abusive and abusive and his conduct has been interpreted in this context and taken into account at this time in 16 years,” Fontanet said. The result is currently 28 years old and is in the Bayamón Correctional Complex.

The clemency petition is the most recent intention of Torres Feliciano, who has refused to be the driver of the hechos, to escape from prison.

The case will be reopened on February 21, 2009. It is Saturday, in the communal center of Alturas de Peñuelas II, the family of Torres Feliciano celebrates a companion.

She took part in the event together with Steven Quirindongo, who was his partner and the ancestor of his wife, who was ten years old at the time. Ella tenía 16 years.

During the celebration, she discusses with Quirindongo, who plays golf on various occasions in the local affections. This is a part of a pattern of violence that is evident from years ago. The hermanos of her, to enter from the wrong, enfrentan the aggressor and generate the pelea. Ashley’s Herman, Nelson Torres Feliciano, murmured the following day about the received heirs.

Six family members testify that, in the middle of the game, Ashley passed a cuchillo – who had a cabbage of one of his six pilgrims – to Quirindongo in order to support her husband. The family members that acusaban also dijeron that she golpeó with an asset to her hermano in the middle of the pelea. No one claims that she escaped from her husband.

After the incident, Quirindongo went to the United States and was found living in Arizona with a false identification, he said.

When the Innocence Project assumes Ashley’s representation, it finds that the Department of Justice is extinguishing evidence that it is proceeding with a new trial. This solicitation was lodged with the Supreme Court, however, in a divided decision, provided that the evidence in controversy was cumulative because it was not sufficient to grant a new judgment.

The determination was announced by the secretariat of the Justice and High Governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced. “A unanimous jury found Torres Feliciano guilty of being the perpetrator of his arrest. The trial presented as a new trial was initiated at the defense level of juiciness for its consideration. La misma no es exculpatoria ”, affirms Vázquez Garced in a written statement issued in 2018.

Fontanet indicates that también abogó por otro pedido de clemencia que prefirió ingen divulgar publicly.