Vinculan is in the process of presiding over Commander Ignacio

Culiacán, SInaloa. – Accused of the death of the director of the Municipal Police of the municipality of Elota, Ignacio Juárez Rojas in 2018 and of his personal school Alfonso ‘N’, la Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE) dio a conocer que, Carlos Valentín ‘N’ he was involved in the process of solving the impeachment of the homicide offense. Victims at the moment of his release of his liberty are found in the interior of a restaurant in Alcaldia.

Between the date to be known by the autonomous organ, the Unidad del Ministerio Publico de lo Penal Especializada en Homicidio Doloso started the investigation carpet at the end of January 5 of 2018.

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Dicha investigation is ongoing into the crime of homicidal crime, one day that the police mandate and its subordinate were located live on February 16, 2018, in a predicament located in the neighborhoods of Eidu Mezquitillo, belonging to the Costa Rican syndicate .

Mediante the acts of investigation carried out by the Public Ministry, peritos and policies of this autonomous constitutional body, obtvieron the dates of necessary testing for, fecha 28. september 2018, legalize the carpet and apply order of apprehension by the crime of classified homicide, cometido og contra de los servicores.

On December 14 this year, the mandate was supplemented against Carlos Valentín “S”, who had been immediately available at the corresponding judicial authority.

One day before the next hearing, the 15th day of the month, the initial hearing will take place and a statement will be made and the dates of the trial will be announced, the accused will agree to the constitutional term of the 144 hours, for which the imposition of the medium cautelar of preventive prison office.

Continuing the hearing on the 19th, the new account is that the Taxation is a formula for imputation and obstruction of the beating car in process against Carlos Valentín “S”, with medida cautelar de preventive prison officer and 2 months of plaza for complementary investigation.