United States imposes sanctions on the son of dictator Sir Bashar al-Assad, the Central Bank and the military intelligence chief

Asma al Assad, son of dictator Sir Bashar al Assad, was sanctioned by the EU (AP)
Asma al Assad, son of dictator Sir Bashar al Assad, was sanctioned by the EU (AP)

United States imposes these martyrdom sanctions a Asma al Assad, the speech of dictator sirio Bashar al Assad, as well as varios of his family and government officials, in addition to the Central Bank of Sirao there is a total of new companies of the country years.

The Secretary of the North American State, Mike Pompeo, announced in a communiqué the sanctions on the first lady Syria by “trying to obstruct a solution to the serious conflict”.

Asma al Assad “led the regime’s efforts on behalf of the regime to consolidate the political and economic power, including the llama charitable and civil society organizations”, indicates the head of North American diplomacy.

The United States has also sanctioned various parishes of the dictator’s spouse, such as his father, Fauaz Ajrás; his mother, Sahar Otri Ajrás; in hermano Firás al Ajrás; ya su tío Iyad al Ajrás. All of them are residents of London and with British nationality.

The sanctions are produced in the mark of the Ley César – the seudonym of the military police photographer Syria who deserted 55,000 digital photos of 11,000 detainees killed-, approved in 2019 and has just entered the red carpet.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State for the North American (EFE / Greg Nash)
Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State for the North American (EFE / Greg Nash)

This week, the United States Congress authorizes the imposition of serious economic sanctions to promote the rendering of accounts. by “the brutal acts against the serious people on the part of the Al Assad regime and its foreign allies”.

Asma al Assad has been sanctioned since last June by Donald Trump’s Governor, even though the dictator is serious and his mayor, Hafez, en virtud de esa norma.

Other individuals from the Al Assad entourage are designated this March by the United States authorities as the commander of the Syrian Military Intelligence, General Kifah Mulhem, “On his paper as one of the architects of the supremacy of the people of Syria” and to avoid a high the fugue in the country.

At the same time, the Treasury Department imposes sanctions on the Central Bank of Syria, as well as one of Al Assad’s key assessors, Lina Kinayeh, ya su marido, el parlamentario Mohamed Masuti, and against new negotiations won the Damascus regime.

As a consequence of these sanctions, all properties and assets in the possession of those persons who are in the United States or in the position of control of estates will be blocked.

Syria was a war year
Syria was a war year

In addition, it is probable that North American citizens will make transactions with the sanctions.

In his note, Pompeo recorded that the passing years were completed five years ago by Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously by the Security Council of the UN in order to “establish the only truck to have a lasting solution to the serious conflict”. “United States and the vast majority of the international community will compromise with this dignified plan to achieve the supremacy of the people of Syria”, record.

Without embarrassment, he added, “the Al Assad regime supported by its patrons and allies will end this war without end and brutally against the serious people, blocking the efforts for a political solution”.

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