Trump vive en una ‘realidad alternativa’, terning Pat Robertson

(CNN) – Telepredikator Pat Robertson, a conservative party candidate for Donald Trump, said he was pleased that the president was living in an “alternative reality” and would “follow suit” during the subordinate election in 2020.

“With all his talent and ability to raise money and attract large numbers, the president lives in an alternative reality,” Robertson said in “The 700 Club.” «Reallye vive así. The dice people: ‘Good, means about this, that and the other’ ». But it is not meaningful. Para él, esa es la verdad », agregó.

Robertson, who rejected Trump’s victory in 2020 and suggested that he be “rebellious” against Trump, “rebel against the plan of God for the United States”, is on a list that includes mayors of prominent conservatives Trump said he would accept his clear electoral derrota. In particular, Robertson is a one-size-fits-all influenza figure among the evangelicals, a fundamental figure of the presidential base.

Trump has “had a marvelous job for the economy,” Pat Robertson said on Monday, arguing that it was “very erratic.”

«Has sent to the people, has played with people and insulted people, and followed suit. If it’s a mess, ‘Robertson said of the president. “And I believe that a good series will say: ‘Tuviste tu moment de exito y es hora de seguir adelante’».

También sembró dudas sobre los esfuerzos de Trump ved returvenden til electoral results.

“I have read and hope that I will have a better solution, but I believe that everything has ended,” said Pat Robertson, who previously said that “God has said that Trump will win the 2020 elections.”

Pat Robertson mira hacia 2024

“I believe that the Electoral College is habled. Creo that Biden’s corruption has not materialized at all, but does not seem to be affecting the Electoral College and does not believe that the Supreme Court will act to make algo and creo that we will be a president (Joe) Biden, and also creo that we will see as President of Kamala Harris not much despised of the position of President Biden ».

Pat Robertson also said that there was an “error” that Trump posted in 2024, in addition to promoting Trump’s former president ahead of United Nations Nikki Haley as a possible successor.

“I believe it is a secondary actuation. Creo que series a mistake. This is the Nikki Haley series. I believe that there will be a big candidate for the Republican Party », dijo.

A recent list of Trump candidates has been submitted to the president, who accepts the results of the elections, especially in the wake of the confirmation by the Biden Electoral College of the past week. Last week, Trump’s radiant ally Hugh Hewitt wrote in The Washington Post that “Trump by 2020 is going to do everything in my party for the sake of it” and now “he must be doing well.” Geraldo Rivera, correspondent for Fox News and Trump’s former friend, told the president to “despise grace (and) dignity” and say that “it is acceptable.”