Trump Vita’s Defense Proposal Approved by Congress; is a “regalo” in China, dijo

The president saliente de United States, Donald Trump, vetoed the defense bill approved by Congress. “Disappointingly … not including national security critical measures, including provisions that do not respect our veterans and the history of our jurisdiction, and contradict my administration’s efforts to give United States a first place to stay in our country” dijo Trump in a statement. Además, called the project a “royal” for China and Russia.

Previously, the Governor Saliente had arranged to veto the defendant because he did not include a derogation from Section 230, which protects the Internet companies from being responsible for what he publishes on his websites on these sites.

The package also includes provisions to limit the amount of money that Trump can move to his wall frontier and where it is required that the military change the number of bases that receive the number of figures of the Confederacy.

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The Senate voted abruptly to approve the massive $ 740 million budget project, with a majority voting for 84 to 13, a major reprimand to the president. Trump’s position on the project of drastically dividing the Republicans, obliging them to choose between the leadership of the mandate and the legislation that establishes the defense policy of the country. The Chamber of Representatives also recently approved the meeting with a majority in a veto.

It is not clear if the Republicans want to challenge Trump and vote for his veto. Without embarrassment, various legislators of the Chamber, including the Democrats and Republicans of the Armored Services Committee, would previously approve of vacations for the Congress regressing to Washington to cancel a veto if necessary. A new vote has not been scheduled yet.

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The project also includes salary increases for state soldiers, equipment upgrades and commissions to require a mayor to be hired before the troops leave Afghanistan, CNN reports.

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