Trump terninger that mixed status families receive a check mayor that citizens, but there is no | Univision Diner News

“The package of aids allows checks for members of an undocumented family, allowing the recipient to receive $ 1,800 each, which is much more than what is related to the status quo,” Trump said in a Twitter post on the catalog of the legislature enacted in the Congress three months of negotiations as a “grace” which must be amended in order to be firm.

“If all this is inconsistent (…) the $ 900,000 million package will prove to the contributors that their working hardships are $ 600 each at a level”, aggregated in statements that have various points that need to be explained .

This is a new plan For example, send the check for $ 600 per individual and minor debt to mixed status families, it is said, to families in which a spouse has a Social Security number and the other is undocumented and usually declares taxes with what is known as an ITIN number.

However, in agreement with the editorial staff consulted by Univision Notices, these checks will only be sent directly to the Social Security number.

“If a social security number has a Social Security number and the other no, only the social security number has the economic impact payout,” said Chuck Marr, senior director of federal tributary policy at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. .

Mending an error with the first check

The decision-makers include the families of mixed status in these aid because of the previous package quedaron totally excludes checks sent on this occasion –El of $ 1,200– and this means that city residents, including children, do not receive the letter they correspond to.

Y, to amend, in the new legislation stipulates that the persons who due to this error are queried without the check have the opportunity to pedal to present their tax returns next year.

So it’s probably Trump’s number $ 1,800: the $ 1,200 of the first check and the $ 600 of the second. Syndembargo no explanation that it is necessary for citizens and residents to die by fire of the first round of ayudas. Tampoco detailed that the intention of the Congress has been to subvert the equation.

“It has a large front end (especially the retroactive component) compared to the previous front door, but it is easy to see”, said Marr in an e-mail to Univision Notices.

Trump’s surprising video, hoping to end legislation, put at rest an agreement that will increase my month and in that his treasurer of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, was involved at the last moment. Mnuchin inclusive dijo en la víspera que los checks comenzarían a ser enviados la proxima semana.

Trump claims that the package includes allied aid parties for the pandemic, but the parties have mezclad the funds of the aid package for the pandemic with the most important legislation that has also been approved in this month and in particular to agotarse.

Miles of families in the country followed the difficult negotiations of the last months, in the hope of federal aid that will save the economic wave of the unprecedented crisis. The package that received light green in the Capitol also includes more benefits for example and money to avoid sales and for small businesses.