Trump is complicating his campaign and knowing a huge defense legislation | News Univision Elections in EEUU 2020

Through President Trump’s surpassing gesture of neglecting to sign the new package of estimates, the text of the project is rumored to ‘resurface’ in Congress, generating incoherence over what to do next.

The Republican Senator from Carolina del Sur, Lindsey Graham, an ally of the President, suggested on Twitter that the President should support the economic stimulus package and that he would like to include a new item: the Concoction Section 230.

“I support President Donald Trump’s request to increase direct payments to stadiums that are suffering from a long time to $ 2,000 per person. It also supported its claim to end the Legal Responsibility Protections of Section 230 of the Greatest Technologies. Vamos a votar “, dijo.

“I hope that the President of the Chamber of Deputies Pelosi agrees with the President that the great technologies should be controlled by eliminating the responsibilities of Section 230 … There are no reasons to believe that this combination should be supported by President Trump. de ley … de la NDAA (Ley de Autorización de Defensa Nacional) y de covid-19 “, añadió.

Trump agreed to veto the guest list for the NDAA defense, escalate the game to Congress and be approved by mayors, as part of not including a provision to derogate from Section 230. La Cámara Baja approved by the NDAA for 335-78 votes last week, and Senado approved by 84-13 votes. The NDAA has been approved for inconvenience during the last 59 years.

What is Section 230 about?

Section 230 of a law known as the Law of Decency of the Communications is the protection of social media platforms on the content that users publish in their site.

It is established that internet providers can not be considered responsible for the content circulating in the red, which distinguishes them from traditional communication media.

Trump has tried to quit this section, arguing that social media platforms can be used to crack down on conservatives.

If this is the case, then the president’s futures package would be rumored to be a new complication.