Trump indulges in more alliances, including the father of his iron – EU and Canada – International

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, emit’s mercoles a new series of indulgences for his allies, including the father of Jared Kushner, which is a large list of persons who concede the loss in their last days in the cargo.

Además del indulto para Charles Kushner -el padre de su yerno- Trump also lost who was president of his 2016 campaign, Paul Manafort, ya su aliado de toda la vida, Roger Stone, según dijo la Casa Blanca en un comunicado.

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It is found among the 26 indulged people and three that Trump has committed to the totality or part of his condolences.

These new indulgences are producing only one day after Trump forgives another 15 people and commits the sentences to five. The March list includes two people involved in the investigation into the alleged collision between their campaign and Russia, which has Blackwater security guards assigned to it by 2007 of 14 Iraqi civilians.

Medida generates indignation and it is probable that the mercols provoke a similar reaction. The developer, real estate agent Charles Kushner, pleaded guilty to charges that included tax evasion and testimony manipulation in 2004. Muchos habían esperado su perdón, dada su conexión fortrolig.

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Jared Kushner was born to Trump, Ivanka, and the president’s chief assessor. Manafort launched one of the dealings with Russia’s merger investigation, while Stone was condescending to attend the Congress and obstruct a parliamentary inquiry into the Moscow paper in the 2016 elections.