There is nothing wrong with that! Lizbeth Rodríguez showed off her natural load

Being a woman with multiple guapa activities Lizbeth Rodríguez tiene tiempo de compartir bilder og sus redes sociales og donume presume sus songs, on this occasion the hizo pero is accompanied by a strong phrase that secures many internet users.

Have a time Lizbeth Rodríguez formaba part of the company Badabun, fue de hecho ahí en donde comenzó a ser reconocida a national level and including international quiz, so since the initiation of his career has been criticized for this is not the detuvo.

According to what happened to the other celebrities in the year, he has been known to his acquaintances with his friends, because he knows that many of the things he says are false, because he has been involved with other people, in the case of Celia Lora with whom he has a great love, hecho ya tuvo the opportunity to appear in his Youtube program revealing some personal and anecdotal secrets.

It’s not embarrassing to think that Lizbeth Rodríguez’s have friends of all, because she’s so much of a person that she’s queer or simply not good ten as the case of Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza who had a conflict with the principle of years and that the parish has been extended, the youtuber alleges that the conductor has some power photographs of his wife and the direct accusation that at any moment she is willing to share will be her fault.

I’ve been told that LIZBETH was stunned even though she had some private photos of Kim (photos that I mandaba) and I know that the malditos BADADOGS were stored in my cell, PEROOOOOOO responsible will be Lizbeth Rodriguez and the badaArdidos are algo “.

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Ante esto usualo Lizbeth Rodríguez no suele quedarse callada y tal parece que hoy ne fue la exception, debido a la fotografi kjoión recente, además de otras publications en las que men meniona que fue el propio Juan de Dios Pantoja (sin mencionombar directament nadie lo sabía hasta that é mismo comenzó a divulgar todo.

Yo viendo todo lo que inventas sober mí, Dinámica: comment FALSO letra por letra y te sigo! “, Escribió.

In the image appears with a surprised car waving the izquierda, with a mane in the belt and the other token in its mail, so that the attention is drawn to the one more instantaneous, in that it appears with a color tray of coffee with many glasses, but the interesting thing is that there is no debate as to what we can clearly see in their songs, the background is a blue ace that will result in the image.


Spectacularly beautiful and beautiful greetings good night “, wrote one of his fans.

For many, this image is a clear advertisement that a Lizbeth Rodríguez does not import what is currently being said by her, it is not the first time she has commented on her, so she follows up on the same as the Jukilop team also defends, if all quizzes are agreed at the same time do not have to have conflicts only between his senses in general, he said that he did not feel well.

Cabe explains that there are various messages on the property Lizbeth Rodríguez has mentioned that in the case of dichas photos or any of this type is Kimberly Loaiza’s or does not read to filter that not the promoter, is to make reference to that in addition to the ten the tampoco series of compartments by the simple hecho of being female and imagining the pride that can be felt by someone who thinks that his personal photographs are circulating on the Internet.

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