The United States of America extended until July 2021 the ban on commercializing a voucher for the Venezuelan PDVSA petrol

Archive photo of a PDVSA and Lagunillas petrol station (REUTERS / Isaac Urrutia)
Photo archive of a petrol installation by PDVSA and Lagunillas (REUTERS / Isaac Urrutia)

The Department of the Treasury of the United States of America extension of this school until July 2021 the license to process the vouchers transactions of Petrolos de Venezuela SA PDVSA-2020-8,5%, ensuring this way the protection of the shares of its subsidiary CITGO.

General License 5F was announced by Tesoro’s Foreign Activation (OFAC) Control Officer (led by Secretary Steven Mnuchin) and of the brand of the regime of sanctions against the dictatorship of Venezuela, which controls the PDVSA. Lleva la firma del vicedirektør Bradley T. Smith og entró en vigencia este mismo mércoles.

Replacement with the previous General License 5E published on October 6, which prohibits any transaction in circulation PDVSA-2020-8.5% har haft 19 de enero de 2021. The new license extends the ban until July 21, 2021.

The medium is oriented a avoid that the tenants of the bonus, who enter by default in 2019, can execute the guarantee that the authorities the CITGO Accessionary Municipality, PDVSA’s subsidiary branch serves as collateral for the instruments of the Venezuelan State Petroleum.

The Secretary of the Treasury Treasury, Steven Mnuchin (EFE / EPA / AL DRAGO / Archive)
The Secretary of the Treasury Treasury, Steven Mnuchin (EFE / EPA / AL DRAGO / Archive)

This protection a CITGO, a company that is under the control of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, reconciled with the United States as interim president of Venezuela, ha sido prorrogada varias veces.

In October 2019, Venezuela’s Venezuela Petrol (PDVSA) raised its interest rate to 913 million dollars. Given that the Venezuelan governor does not comply with the obligations, the tenants have the right to assume 51% of CITGO’s shares, which are the guarantee of the issue.

The control of this company is in the middle of the pugna between the officialism and the opposition: while the authorities of the United States reconcile with the directive ad hoc numbered by the National Assembly and Guaidó, the regime of Nicolás Maduro accuses the opponents of appropriating a state asset.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and internal president Juan Guaidó
Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and internal president Juan Guaidó

Pese the restrictions that represent the sanctions sanctions in Venezuela, the tenants of the 2020 bonus of PDVSA, between which is the state-owned company rusa Rosneft, you can execute the warranty incurred under this license granted by the Department of Treasury.

To avoid this, President Donald Trump’s Governor has issued the pro riots since October 2019.

CITGO, admitted in Houston, Texas, has three refineries in the United States that together process 750,000 barrels of Venezuelan crude in the day, asi as a red of one 10,000 gasolineras in all the country.

In the year 2019, it was announced that Guaidó would proclaim President Venezuelan encarved and lograse the Washington Reconciliation, Washington imposes sanctions on PDVSA that include the block of CITGO funds with the objective of traspasarlos possibly to the opposing leader team.

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