The United Kingdom discovers a second “more contagious” variant of the virus

The British Minister for Health, Matt Hancock, announced this week has detected a second variant of coronavirus “more contagious” than the one that informs last week.

This version of SARS-CoV-2, a league of people he traveled to the United Kingdom of South Africa, is “very preoccupied” and may contain more mutations que la que ha comenzado a extenders con rapidez en el sur de Inglaterra.

In the wake of this coup, the British Governor is imposing “immediate” restrictions on travel to South Africa and restricting quarantines to people who have regained their lives in recent weeks.

Recently, the United Kingdom has identified the cases of its new location in its territory, both for individuals and persons who have traveled during the last weeks.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Governor of South Africa for his scientific rigor and for the openness and transparency with which he acted when he discovered this new variant,” Hancock said in a press release.

The Minister announced at the same time that more zones of England enter in the nearest days at the maximum level of restrictions against the pandemic, before the expansion in the last days of the cepa of the source informs last week, that apparently will be transmitted to the mayor velocidad that the versions of the known virus have now.

As a result of the detection of this variant, more than five countries have limited the routes of the United Kingdom.

According to the latest official figures, the contagios in British territory increased by 61.2% in the last six days, respecting the previous days.

In England, there are 17,709 people admitted with covid, each looking for more than the 18,974 hospitalized who are in the peak of the first pandemic, the 12th of April.

“These Christmases and the beginning of 2021 will be a period of time. The new variant makes it much more difficult because it offers much more speed. But we will not return, we will be able to control this virus “, said the Minister of Health.

Hancock also informs that the British regulator has received the necessary information to review the approval of the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

“The vaccine is our salute to all. It lasts the hours it takes to escape Christmas and the winter, knowing that the transformative power of science is helping us hallow a truck,” he said.