The President is training at his new residence in La Julia

The presidential family will receive the new year in a mansion with a visit to the sea, located at the call Doctor Núñez and Domínguez, in La Julia, of this city. President Luis Abinader, his wife Raquel Arbaje and his three heirs, mumbled in his new home at the end of the week, but even if he did not do so with discretion, the fues were impossible. LISTÍN DIARIO also enters.

Abinader and his family occupy an apartment in the Torre Lloret del Mar, of the Sanchez Paraíso, a zone where traffic is regularly congested, according to the number of vehicles circulating throughout the country. It is embarrassing, in its new residence which is located approximately one kilometer from the bar El Manguito de La Feria y Mata Hambre, as well as close to the residences La Esperilla and San Gerónimo, with five carriages and with a transit case.

In this sector where also the system 911 operates, it is conformed to residences that simulate palaces and where can listen to the song of the birds.

The new hogar of the Abinader Arbaje family is the result of the merger of two houses and the conversion into a residence in which the printing of a minimalist style, which results in the view of what fits in with all, where huge residences and style exist traditional. In front of the residence was a team of police officers, who vigilantly guarded the place.

Despite the fact that Raquel Arbaje is due to an exclusive tenancy of furniture and articles for the hogar, the presidential parish used years of its antique house for the new hogar.

And it’s the past Saturday that initiated the mudanza, the call where Vivian had closed for the company that loaded its furniture, tuviera borgmester facilidad for hacerlo.

The visit made by LISTÍN DIARIO’s reporter’s team to President Abinader’s house, called the attention of the police agents, could be done with the security of the mandate, not to mention the work of the communicators. If so, soliciting the identification of the reporters, the photographer will allow you to take photos and videos of the mansion.


In the legal declaration of good of the mandate, it is stated that one of the apartments is valued at RD $ 35,400,000, and a residence for the amount of US $ 1,339,410.


The La Julia residence is conforming to single-family homes and solariums more than a few square meters long, with apartment towers being built.