The PPD signaled 16 instances of fraudulent voting in Culebra

Mientras en el coliseo Roberto Clemente se lleva a cabo el recuento municipal de Culebra, donde el retador del New Progress Party (PNP) won preliminarily by apenas dos sufragios, the electoral commission del Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz, denounced at a press conference that investigations into its arrogant collective that in the isla municipality are committing to at least four modalities of fraud with the vote adelantado and ausente.

The first of the cases that Menzion Cruz corresponds to four solicitations approved by vote in favor of the letter in which was included as a postal order a separate apartment in Culebra. According to the PPD commissioner, although the four elected candidates had been registered in the Icelandic municipality, “the person who appears as two, has no control over his apartment without having any corner with his four voters”.

The four electorate candidates who were elected would present legal statements in the affirmative that they have been subjected to this modality of vote, that is, the electoral commission.

Cruz also announced the case of an elector who, having lived in the United States, solicited the vote in favor of the corridor, which follows the new Choice of Código the corresponding letter applied for a vote to find Puerto Rico.

Vælgerne live and publish in social networks that have resided in the United States. He could have voted for it (because) he did not have to justify why he had to ask for the paper for the Florida or Texas law. This voter can vote the correlated version for the paper paper to be posted separately (in Culebra) where it will also receive the paper on its motherboard and her husband… She will receive the correct paper in the paper, mezcladas con todas las papeletas ”, lamentó Cruz.

Asimismo, Cruz signaled that he would identify at least four electoral cases in which he approved a vote of intent to vote in favor of registering registered in any other United States jurisdiction. The commission recorded that, in fact, the PPD presented a judicial appeal, the State Election Commission (CEE) “Compromise” excludes from its register more than 5,500 voters that appear registered in other states and territories, per the organism incomplete.

“CEE never loses the register. On the other hand, they are sending the Puerto Rican paper towels, including the Culebra, and they will be able to vote there, ”Cruz said.

Finally, Cruz presents a list of its voters, as “hace años no están domiciliados en Culebra”, pero que, al amparo de la nueva ley valgret, que no exige justifiación para aprobar el vot ausente, recibieron sus papeletas bajo esta categoría.

The commission assured that Culebra, with its 16 instances of potential fraud, presented the best example of the risks involved in the creation of the new Electoral Code.

Culebra is the best example of the approval of an Electoral Code designed to allow a fraudulent vote. Now an elector can solicit the vote cast in his favor, without any explanation. In the same way, voters who are not domiciled in the precedent can apply and own the vote and their papers can be received in any direction “, afirmó.

El alcalde culebrense, William Iván Solís, ensure that searchable these fraudulent agencies have the ultimate consequences, regardless of the electoral result.

“We want democracy to succeed”, said the municipal executive, who lamented that the demands of admissions votes were approved by the city council to limit the imposition of the Electoral Code to present voter redress.

In agreement with Cruz, Solís carried out the referrals to the CEE in order for the body to investigate the allegations.

According to the commission, the irregularities with the adjective powder will cost the elections incumbent. From the summaries of the events of the night of the event, it is clear that Solís won in the regular colleges and the voting vote was presented by 28 votes, but was taken by 30 voters in front of Edilberto Romero, of the PNP, in Unity 77, which has the right to vote, adhered to the right, domiciled and confined.