The NBA names the party between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder

The game between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder can be played on Wednesday night, the league announced.

The NBA says that three players from the Rockets Devolvieron have positive reviews or conclusions according to the NBA program. In addition, four other players are currently on the contact list protocol.

The Rockets sent to a house to three players the fairy tales despised by his teammate, the new Kenyon Martin Jr., regrouped a positive coronavirus test and tuvo that was newly tested for confirmation, anadieron the sources on ESPN.

John Wall, DeMarcus cousin and Martin established between the Rockets’ players reuniting March at night in the apartment of a player lying on the team installations to cover the pelo.

Wall y Cousins ​​dieron negative by the coronavirus the mercoles by the mañana.

Look at ESPN’s assurances that Martin wrote his most tested results to confirm the original positive.

The novice of the Rockets, Jae’Sean Tate, also finds himself among the players who will be sent to the fairgrounds.

The NBA’s new protocol on contacting the league has the capacity to make decisions about possible placements for regression and continuous negative players.

Los Rockets er en jugador, Ben McLemore, alejado del equipo por unos días con coronavirus, destacaron las fuentes.

The league says that the star of the Rockets, James Harden, is not available for the party of mercenaries “debido a uniolación del Protocolo de Salud y Seguridad”, says a video that circulates and slides receive.

Adrian Wojnarowski, Bobby Marks, Tim Bontemps and Tim MacMahon, of ESPN, collaborated on this note.