The medicine was prepared without any increase

Electrical physician Jorge Aufiero
Electrical physician Jorge Aufiero

Since the sanction of the law 26,682 were sanctioned in May 2011 and voted by all the political parties, the medicine prepaga never increased. In addition, the estuaries will be regulated by the State through the Secretaries of Commerce and Superintendents of Health Care.

Treated to explain that the sector receives only inflationary increments and only its real cost increments. Analyzing the continuation will be the evolution of costs in other countries and will be reflected in our. It is difficult to get a commodity figure, but it has never been lower than 50% per unit of general inflation. It’s engraved in a country with a galloping inflation.

The increase in costs and prices for health care has been defined as above inflation. This means that the costs of this essential activity exceed those of the general inflation of the economy.

It is observed as much in the Northern Hemisphere as the South, and in economies established with low annual inflation indices, as well as in countries with high inflation.

United States is, by law, the country with the largest annual erosion per capita in terms of health services. According to Axios, in this country the equivalent of 17.7% of PBI in the 2018 lump sum results. Impact result, while inflation in the 2018-19 fiscal year will be 1.4% and the 2019-20 period from 1 , 2%, the combined costs for the employer and the public funds and directive of the Bolsillo to remunerate the sanitary services, would be significantly lower. The Kaiser Family Foundation mediates for the 2017 and 2018 periods of 4.2 and 4.6% respectively, while the annual cost of private insurance has increased by 6.7%.

On the other hand, The Hastings Foundation reports 7% annual intervening increments, alleging that, as of this writing, the Medicare system, the vertebral column in the financing of EU Health services, is technically in place for 9 years. .

In our hemisphere, The Australia Institute sells drug prices and cost indices in Health between 2013 and 2019. As of base 100 in 2013, Adelaida consumer price increases by 11%, overall costs of Double Salud services, 24%.

The Informe Global Medical Trends published in 2019 by Willis Tower Watson indicates that, at a global level, the increase in the cost of health services has increased by increasing the consumer price indices and a 2 to 1 commendation ratio, with an annual increase general weight of 7.6%.

The low inflation rate and the predominant centralized systems in Europe allow for an erosion control to allow for a 0.5% inter-annual increase in the European Union. There is a huge heterogeneity embargo in the results of systemic speech and the medical inflation contingency remedy was not enforced with management efficiencies with retrieval of practices and hopes lists.

This phenomenon on a global level has been reflected in Argentina as demonstrating the following indicators (Hugo Magonza). Period 01/01/2012 (currently effectively regulating the prices) on 31 March 2020 (to avoid the effects of the pandemic).

Increments for just the right prices increase by 949% (Source MSAL / SSS).

The IPC during this period is estimated to be 1143% (INDEC Source)

The cost of Salud in a series of more than 15 years increased by more than 35% per IPC. (Source ACAMI)

The dollar has an increase of 1427% (BCRA)

According to the Compulsory Medical Program (PMO), for the National Social Workers starting in 2011, the increase will be 1817% (ISALUD-Prosanity source)

During this period, the price of high-cost medicines is increased by 2124% (Source ADEMP)

It is up to us to aggregate the juice industry, which is a unit of negotiation in its own right, that deters the economies of the very fragile institutions and professionals of the health care system.

As we see, the numbers are available for solo use. In this we will increase the COVID-19 pandemic. The health sector supports the health staff’s stoicism and will not receive any increase from January to November 2020.


The State with its help has the fundamental pillar to overcome the pandemic. Sin su ayuda hubiera sido imposible enfrentarla. With his advancement, Solo providers alone have a dramatic decline in their recovery since they have seen their costs increase exponentially.

Mentioned examples simplify so that the reader has the captain quickly. We use the barbecue, que and a 200-bed hospital already used 10,000 barbies to 40,000. Et esto hø, der er agregar el exponcial aumos sus sus unitarios. Transforming a general international home and an intensive care home has cost $ 40,000, including the respirator. Traslademos estos ligner exemplifies the performance of high complexity and will clear the increase in sanitary costs.

The financiers (the Pami, the union social workers, the social workers of the board of directors, the provincial social workers, the medical medicine) have been satisfied with the process they have taken to a terminal as he referred me to previous articles.

The actual discount of the round costs around 54%. Only a prolongation of the State aid will continue the pandemic and an urgent increase for the financial entities that precede the 2020 inflation before closing.

The logical consequence of this process is the deterrent of the whole sector.

All documentation that accredited the express has been presented before the Superintendence of Health Services (SSS) and the Ministry of Health.

Continuing the effects of the pandemic will be impossible to attend to the population as it is now. The financing sector of the health sector, for that matter, has led to a situation that must be urgently awaited, because the population can not pay medical attention. And it is not possible to burn without the economic resources that demand.

He treated me to give this article a strict academic academy giving him all kinds of subjects. As will be, estimated reader, the data will last for a while and will not do more than repeat the title of the note.

* Professor Consulto – Senior Scholar Duke University