The Iranian regime has withdrawn from a digital campaign against the FBI Director and United States Governors

In the image, FBI Director Christopher Wray.  (EFE / EPA / JIM WATSON / Archive)
In the image, FBI Director Christopher Wray. (EFE / EPA / JIM WATSON / Archive)

The FBI hello that the Iranian regime was behind an online campaign that incited violent actions against the director of the FBI, el ex jefe de la Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security Agency United States, Governors y other high-ranking officials to interfere in the election process, informaron varios funcionarios federales.

Photos, domiciles and other personal information from one dozen people, including the FBI Director, Christopher A. Wray, y el destituido jefe de la Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Security Agency of the Department of National Security, Christopher Krebs, if published by a web site claiming to be a page of President Trump’s sympathizers for actually being coveted by the Persian regime, según revelo este miércoles el diario Washington Post.

Bajo el titulo “Enemigos del pueblo”, the officials appeared with a point of mira superpuesto about his image.

“The next person helped and incited the fraudulent election against Trump”, falsely states the web site, that many of the officials resigned to the security of the November elections, claiming that there was no evidence of a generalized fraud.

The list of “unanimous” accuses the governors of the states in which the electoral contingent between Trump and Biden was renewed, the executives of voting systems, Krebs and Wray of being responsible for “Change votes and work against the president” with an intention of “Derrocar our democracy”. Share on social media using the hashtags #remembertheirfaces and #NoQuarterForTraitors.

The voting machine companies, like Dominion Voting Systems, also the object of the campaign.

Christopher Krebs, former Chief of the Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security Agency of the United States.  (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / archive)
Christopher Krebs, former Chief of the Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security Agency of the United States. (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / archive)

At least an cybersecurity expert will take note of the site’s training in December principles before discovering any information, according to the list of objects made public on December 9, when a lawyer from Krebs issued a public statement warning that a site “called ‘only people of the population”[está] proposing the assassination of various Republican and Democratic leaders who falsely affirm that his accomplishments in the 2020 presidential campaign manipulation ”.

In the following days, the site and its copies disappear and repair in multiple places. Washington Post identified in my three web sites and 10 social media accounts that he published. The list of targets to times expands, at a time includes 21 personas, includes governors of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Michigan, all states that Trump lost, as well as Dominion employees.

How jefe de la Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Security Agency Inside the Department of National Security, Krebs directs emergency exits to assist state and local electoral offices in protecting their systems and refuting erroneous information. The official, who has received allegations of Trump’s electoral fraud and his allies, was sent by the mandate the last time.

The Mayor of the pages retired. Without embarrassment, as copies of the list in Internet Archive, a site that catalogs large part of Internet. Hasta el Martes, todavía staba available from Parler, a platform of social speeches favored by the conservators, and in the site ruso V-Kontakte.

A civil servant dijo al Post que the FBI is investigating the targets in the webpage to inform that Iran was behind the search.

The attack is the culmination of a series of actions by Iran to interfere with the United States elections.

In August, intelligence officials said that Iran is looking for socavar the democratic institutions of state and divide the country before the elections. Predijeron that Iran’s efforts are centered on online actions, as well as the diffusion of misinformation in social networks.

In October, I voted for the Democratic voters with Counterfeit e-mails for pretending to be a group of extreme rights que amenazaba con votar af Trump “o iremos tras ustedes”.


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