The COVID-19 contagious extends to Antarctica

Santiago – The COVID-19 is the only planet on the planet’s continent that will free the new coronavirus permanently: at least 58 people, military and civilian will be stationed in two bases of Chile in Antarctica, one of the Ejército and otra of the Fuerza Aérea, ya bordo from the armory of the army “Sargento Aldea”, informs the mart.

The Chilean authorities are the first to inform about contacts in Antarctica and have now no other country reported infections. Nadie referred to how he had read the virus on the white continent.

It is said that the contagious meet in good conditions. I do not have any public reference to the possible effects of the virus in the wildlife.

The Secretary of State for Health of the Biobío Region, Héctor Muñoz, said on March that, according to the Armada, “there are 21 positive cases … (y) 76 outright contacts” and bordering the multi-purpose “Sargento Aldea” , donde el martes se realizaban otros 124 exams to detect possible new cases. The institution informs the past week of thirty of the 21 infected.

The buccal transfer staff and equipment to the Antarctic base of Ejército “Bernardo O´Higgins Riquelme”, ​​between the 27th of November and the first week of December, and antes to regress recollection and a base of the Fuerza Aérea.

The Armada said in a statement on December 18 that “during the 14th December of the effective year of the Chilean Ejército in Punta Arenas, there have been reports of positive cases of COVID-19”, after examining the city. The institution assured that antarpas in the Antarctic, all the negative tripulation on the exam that detects the new coronavirus.

The 208 members of the tripulation are in quarantine since a week ago at their Talcahuano base.

El Ejército informs the vispera of 36 contagious on its base, 26 military and 10 civilians that realize tariffs of maintenance programs. All complete listings in Punta Arenas.

The evacuation institution has all its endowments and replacements for which it will have to increase its tariffs in 2021, which will presumably complete a quarantine.

The virus also spread to Villa Las Estrellas, residing with the civilian staff of the Air Force base “Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin”, which was also visited by the “Sargento Aldea” book.

The regional secretary of Salud subrogant Magallanes, Eduardo Castillo, informs of a contact of Villa Las Estrellas, who together with other contacts eran trasladaos to the Australian city in the course of the jornada.

The base “Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin”, of the Fuerza Aérea, is the mayor of the Chilean bases and is located in the Isla Rey Jorge, where there are other bases, between them the ones of Argentina, Germany, Russia, Uruguay and Korea. Las más cercanas søn la rusa y la uruguaya.

A press release from the Presidency of Argentina told the Associated Press that the Argentine base in Antarctica has no COVID-19 contact.

All Australian companies increase the population of Antarctic bases, some of them to replace staff and others have carried out scientific studies for short periods.

The FACH base has a 1,300-meter aerial runway and receives 200 flights during the temporary festival that transports Chileans and many other nearby bases.