The coronavirus is mutant, what does it mean for us?

Now that the vacancies are expected to give hope for the salvation of the pandemic, the end of last week, the British authorities are advising on a new highly contagious variant of coronavirus circulating in England.

While referring to the rapid spread of the London virus and its predecessors, Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed the most restricted block on the country since March.

“If the virus changes its method of attack, we will change our method of defense,” he said.

A multitude that intends to sell the city at all costs when the restrictions enter into force abort the London train stations. Domingo, European countries will start closing their borders on the roads of the United Kingdom, with the hope of closing the path to the new version of the pathogen.

In South Africa, a version similar to the virus was released, which, according to scientists who detect it, shares one of the mutations observed in the British variant. Ese virus has been found in almost 90 percent of the genotypes of genetic sequences analyzed in South Africa since November.

To the scientists the preoccupation is this variant, but not the surprising ones. Investigators have recorded miles of small changes in coronavirus genetic material and have been reported worldwide.

Some variants are more common in a single casual setting, because some modes change over to viruses. Without embarrassment, while it is even more difficult for the pathogen sovereign, debilitated in vacancies and the human immunodeficiency of humans, investigators also hope that the virus obtains mutations useful that permanently propagate to Mayor facilitates escape of the immune system.

“It’s a worthy ad that we’re paying more attention to,” said Jesse Bloom, evolutionary biologist at the Fred Hutchinson and Seattle Cancer Research Center. “Undoubtedly, these mutations are propagated and, in the end, the scientific community needs to monitor these mutations and describe their effects.”

The British variant has around five mutations, including variants that affect the way in which the virus is found in human and infected cells. These mutations can allow the variant to replicate and be transmitted with greater efficiency, affirms Muge Cevik, an expert in infectious diseases of the University of San Andrés, in Escocia, and scientific assessor of the British government.

However, the estimate of a major transmissibility (British officials would say that the variant was up to 70 per cent transmissible) is based on the model and has not been confirmed in laboratory experiments, added Cevik.

“Generelt, creo we need to have a few more experimental dates”, dijo. “Ingen podemos descartar del todo el hecho de que algunos estos dates van transmissibiladad puedan estar relacionados con el humantamiento humane”.

In South Africa, too, scientists are urging to signal that human behavior is stimulating the epidemic, not necessarily new mutations that have an effect on transmission but have not been quantified.

The British announcement sustains the preoccupation with the fact that the virus can evolve to make resistant to the vacancies that dares to conceive. The preoccupations are centered on a pair of alterations to the genetic code of the virus that could make people less vulnerable to antiretroviral diseases.

Ingen hindring, varios experts do pidieron cautela, with the argument that the virus delays years, ingen meses, in evolving the sufficient as to become impotent in the current vacancies.

“Nadie needs to be concerned about the possibility of surging a catastrophic mutation that, by default, will kill all the immunizations and anticursors,” Bloom said. “There will be a process that succeeds in getting a lot of years and requires the accumulation of multiple viral mutations. It does not work as an interrupted and uninterrupted interrupter ”, added.

The scientifically imported poco to the vecinos of the United Kingdom. The Dutch, preoccupied with the possible influx of travelers carrying the variant, would like to suspend the flights from the United Kingdom from the 20th of December 2020 until the 1st of January of 2021.

Italy has also suspended air travel and, on Sunday, Belgian officials are promising a 24-hour ban on United Kingdom flights by air or train. Germany is working on a regulation limiting the travel procedures of the United Kingdom and South Africa.

According to local media, other countries are also considering bans, between France, Austria and Ireland. Spain has submitted to the European Union a coordinated response to the ban on flights. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called on Donald Trump’s governor to consider the possibility of banning United Kingdom flights.

In England, the transport officials of Dijeron will increase the number of police agents who monitor the terminals, as well as the train stations, to ensure that only thoroughfares are carried out. The Domingo, the Secretary of State for Peace, Matt Hancock, said that the people who abarrotaron the trains eran “without doubt, irresponsible”.

And aggregate that the restrictions that Johnson imposes could be in force for months.

Like all viruses, coronavirus is a metamorphosis. Some genetic changes are inconsistent, but others can give a sale.

Scientific themes in particular are the ultimate possibility. The evacuation of millions of people can force the virus to make new adaptations, mutations that help evade or resist the humanitarian response. There are some changes in the virus that he has treated independently in various occasions all over the world, which suggests that the mutations are useful for the pathogen.

The mutation affecting susceptibility to anticoagulants (which is a technical number 69-70, with reference to missing letters in the genetic code) has been observed for at least three years: in Danish visions, in United Kingdom persons and from an immunodeficient patient who feels much less sensitive to plasma convalescence.

“This is something that is transmitted. If contagia. If the time adapts, ”said Ravindra Gupta, a Cambridge University virologist who last week detailed the recent emergence and deletion propaganda. “But the people do not want to know what we are talking about, that it is a mutated virus,” he said.

The new genetic deletion also changes the protein of the spider (known as protein S) which is found in the surface of the coronavirus, which is necessary to infect human cells. The variants of the virus with this surgical elimination of independent manner in Thailand and Germany in the principles of 2020 and are prevalent in Denmark and England in August.

Various recent articles have been demonstrated that coronavirus can evolve to avoid being reconstituted by a single monoclonal antibody, including a mixture of antibodies or including its convalescent administered to a specific individual.

For sure, the body’s cellular system in conjunction is a much more formidable adversary.

The vacancies of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna induce an immune response only to the protein present in the surface of the coronavirus. Ingen hindring, each infected person produces in amplio, unique and complex repertoire of antibodies against this protein.

“We know that we have thousands of arms of terrible caliber that point to the virus,” said Kartik Chandran, an expert on viruses at the Faculty of Medicine Albert Einstein of New York. “If the virus is imported and returned, it will not be easy to find a genetic solution that can actually combat all the different specifics of the antibodies, without mentioning the other strains of the immune response.”

In summary: it will be very difficult for the coronavirus to escape the body defenses, in addition to the many variants that can be adopted.

Escape from the immune system requires that a virus accumulate a series of mutations, each of which allows the pathogen to erode the efficacy of the body defenses. Some viruses, such as influenza, accumulate in cabbages relatively quickly. Pero otros, like the virus of the sarampión, does not meet any of the alterations.

The influenza virus needs five years to recover from sufficient mutations to escape the completion of its reconnaissance facility, Bloom said. On December 18, the laboratory published the new and new information that it shows that coronavirus of the common wild is also evolving in order to escape the detection of the humanitarian system, but this has been successful for many years.

The scale of the infections in this pandemic could be generating a rapid diversification in the new coronavirus. Aun asi, the great majority of the people all over the world have not been infected, and so have given hopes to the scientists.

“I am surprised by the fact that we have an active selection for the military escape,” declares Emma Hodcroft, public health researcher at the University of Bern in Switzerland. “The virus does not need to be in a population that has ever been in existence, but it is something that we would like to spend a lot of time on, in particular when we need to wake up more people”, he explained.

Immunize around 60 per cent of the population in the course of a year and keep track of the number of cases this time so successfully help minimize the chances of the virus mutating in a significant way, Hodcroft said.

Aun así, the scientists need to follow the evolution of the virus to detect mutations that can give a window on vacancies.