The bright regal of Carlos Rivera and Yalitza Aparicio

CITY OF MEXICO, MEXICO.-For the sake of surprise the great love that exists between Carlos Rivera y Yalitza Aparicio, then both he was gathering evidence in social networks.

What happened to all of them was the costly return that the issue was this week Carlos and Yalitza.

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The song has a collar and some very bright objects, as if the actress from Oaxaca had a mediation of a publication of Instagram.

Many speculate about the intention of Rivera’s obsequio, without embarrassment, it is known that a gesture of appreciation was made with Aparicio and that both of them were presenters at the Latin Grammys next year.

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The planes will be lowered when the singer informs that he will not be able to form part of the presentation due to one of his positive collaborators and covid-19. His decision was not to reach the dams and so he finds himself in quarantine.