The Argentine Academy of Letters pissed that no sanctions on Cavani in England

The Academia Argentina de Letras has issued a statement this March about the situation facing the Uruguayan delinquent Edinson Cavani and England, donated by The Football Association (FA) de har komet og en racistisk handling answering box with one ‘¡Gracias, negrito!’ a un suigo suyo en su cuenta de Instagram.

In a statement issued by the vice president of the Argentine institution, José Luis Moure,: “Any user of our language in this part of the world agrees that this word, used in the context that has given way to the punitive medium, has a clear affective meaning, by complete intent of any discriminator or racist”.

Next indicates the diary La Nación, the Academy of Letters agreed in its communication that this accusation is clear ‘a discovery of the significance that then has been given to the inhabitants of Argentina and other dialectal regions of South America’. Y exigió ‘the presentation of the correspondents apologized for affecting the good number of Cavani of infertile manner’.

Además, it is mentioned that the term ‘negro’ is found in the Dictionary of the Lengua of Argentina, where it is said that it gives us a confidence in the angle and that it is used to call, to pay attention or to direct the wording to the number ‘.

And note: “The affective feeling of the ‘black’ word is” intensified in Cavani’s employees by the use of the diminutive form, mechanism presented in many languages ​​to connote this sentiment “.

The FA will announce its sanction on March 5 next year.

Cabe points out that the support of the Argentine Academies of Lyrics is not the first thing Cavani claims that it is known as racism. This past domino Andreas Beck Holm, professor at the University of Aarhus, writes: “Mentras las palabras que usó Cavani no son racistas, la decision de imputarlo sí lo es. Specifically, there is a case of cultural racism that is very closely linked to ethnocentrism ”.