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Sucedió en el caserío Los Martínez, kanton El Chayal, municipio de Atiquizaya. The police are reunited with the robbers, embryagandose. One of the 100 most searched log escapes. The agents give the quarantine to the armies for the extraviaran, dice and informers.

The passing day, three police teams of the Santa Ana delegation set up an operation to capture Erixon Benjamín Murga Blanco, alias Ríper, Desquiciado, Lora o Berrenchengue, member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), who appears in the list of the 100 most searched.

Without embarrassment, when a lieutenant goes to an informant who has been alerted that the commuter is parked next to other officers, the Santa Ana Operational Tactical Section (STO) police are looking to find five police officers in the same place.

According to police sources, there are five police officers, among them from the Department of Protection of Important Personnel (PPI), who are reunited with various commuters, departing from embryos who are ill-fated by a group of people.

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An information provided by the head of the Department of Operations Specialized Operations of the Delegation of Santa Ana, confirms that the police departments are staffed with ambitious children and all the arms that the police institution has assigned to the compliment of their bereavement.

Agreed with the police, in the late afternoon the Domingo will receive the information that in the case of Los Martínez, canton El Chayal, Atiquizaya, Department of Ahuachapán, has a group of reunited men, between these are a pandillero of the 100 ms bus .

To receive this information, the official cargo of the Operational Tactical Section of the Santa Ana delegation informs the head of that delegation that the aval of proceeding in the capture operation, in order to inform the official of the service of the the delegation and the delegation of the Ahuachapán, in order to establish enterprises of the activity in case of need of police support.

There will be three teams, saluting from the base of the STO of Santa Ana at 15:20 At 16:00 we will go to the indicated place. When the police inform the subjects of the iban to identify, a sali group is linked by a bar to one of the cafes.

In his pursuit, the pandilleros who are committed to the safety of Murga Blanco dispararon against the police, generating an exchange of disparos tras cual salioion lesionado a pandillero a quien le decomisaron and revolver caliber .38 mm., Afirman las fuentes. Pero el cabecilla de los más buscados se les fue.

Are there any five police officers who are reunited with nightmares?

In agreement with the police side, the police officers who are in the same situation with the pandilleros would be identified for the better. These results are Ronald Aníbal AS, located in the STO of Ciudad Delgado and resident in the canton of El Chayal; Jairo Alonso CS, stationed at the San Pablo Tacachico canteen; Cristian Armando GG, stationed at the Base of the Rural Police Department of La Paz.

As well as the police identified José Edgardo AT, PPI agent, and Jilmer Alberto GC, PPI agent assigned to the security of the Santa Ana Judicial Palace.

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Five police officers are taking the test of alcohol in the same place. The results of the tests will determine that four of them have consumed alcohol, not even more than 50 ml.

According to the information, the five police officers will retrieve the equipment of the security forces to prevent them from getting out. The document indicates that all the days that the firefighter was traced to the base of the Operational Tactical Section of Santa Ana, on the following day, were already sober.

Who is one of the 100 most searched?

Murga Blanco has two arrest warrants for the homicide offense, according to the police department, informing the head of the Santa Ana Police Delegation, the exchange of offenders against the homeless.

Indian judicial documents that have been leaked have been leaked several times before the court. In 2013, it was processed in the Juzgado Specialized Instruction of Santa Ana, by the delict of agri-associations.

También is also involved in a judicial process, according to documents filed in October 2019.

As of October 2018, the National Civil Police is included in the list of the 100 most searched, by homicides and elicitations.

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