Supporting members of the external sector of the PRM forged Abinader company to promote a body of municipal policies

Santo Domingo, RD.

The Presidency of the Republic informs that “supuestos memembros” of the external sector of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), which is organized by the National Association of Academias of Municipal Municipal Police, falsified the firm of President of Luis Abinaderas municipalities.

In accordance with the Presidency, this association creates a body of municipal police within the margin of the legitimate municipal authorities viola Article no. 173 on Municipal Police, de la Ley 176-07 of the District and Municipal District.

Indicaron that the National Police is investigating those responsible for someterlos to justice.

“The company of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, that appears and the notebooks of identification of this organization is a forgery. The National Police is investigating those responsible for promoting this illegal organization for some time in the field of justice and that it will receive the corresponding sanctions, ”a high-profile communiqué said.

Formally, the National Association of Municipal Police Police Associations states that it has no official agreement or with the authorization of President Abinader, in order to promote a body of municipal police.

“The Municipal Police is the organization with jurisdiction within the limits of the municipality, integrated into a unique police body and specialized for municipal assistants, nature conservation, subscribed to the assistance and both the intermediary authority of the union and the technical supervision Interior y Policía ”, aseguraron.