Super Meat Boy Forever is out now

Dr Fetus makes a rude gesture in a Super Meat Boy Forever screen.

Several years later than planned, the sequel to the 2010 smash hit Super Meat Boy has arrived. Super Meat Boy Forever is the name, and more murderously hard platform is its game – though this time with an auto-running twist.

Your squishy heroes handle the races themselves, watch as you focus on jumping, striking, hitting and trying not to get chopped by squillion buzzsaws. I’ll have to see how it shakes out in reality, but Meat Boy co-creator Tommy Refenes talked to us before about us wanting two-button controls to make the game accessible, but certainly not make it easy.

“You do not have to do like five checks to get out of the way, and you do not have to do the weird wiggle back and forth to land on a platform that is small,” he told Katharine in 2019. “We have two buttons, which you can map to something. I want it to lower the barrier of entry enough so that we do not have to make an easy state. We start at Hard, so our base is as hard as Super Meat Boy was, and it goes up from there. ”

IN a small letter on Twitter marking the launch today, Refenes said “I could not be more proud of the game we have made.”

By the way, Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen is not part of this, who has long since divorced to do his own thing. The next of them is a new Binding Of Isaac expansion based on a huge fan-made mod.

Super Meat Boy Forever is now available from the Epic Games Store for £ 16. It’s also on the Nintendo Switch now. But yes, not on Steam until 2021.

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