Super Meat Boy Forever is finally here and you can save 50% right now

After years of teasing and a significant delay, Super Meat Boy Forever has arrived just in time for the holidays. The sequel to the hugely popular 2010 indie platform game is available on PC via the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch, with PlayStation and Xbox ports scheduled for early 2021. Super Meat Boy Forever costs $ 20, but there is a way to catch it for only $ 10. right now.

As part of Epic Games Store’s holiday sales, you can get unlimited $ 10 off coupons to use on games that cost $ 15 or more. To get your first coupon, simply log in to your Epic account (or create one for free). Each time you make a qualifying purchase, a new coupon will be deposited into your account. With the coupon used, you save 50% on the brand new release. You can take advantage of this deal until Epic’s Holiday Sale ends January 11th.

A mobile follow-up to Super Meat Boy was originally announced in 2014. Throughout the development, the sequel turned into a traditional PC / console release and became quite ambitious in the process. Super Meat Boy Forever’s plot revolves around Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s quest to save their daughter Nugget from Dr. Fetus.

While still a challenging 2D side-scroller like the original, Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto runner. The way you progress through the game is also a huge departure from its predecessor. Team Meat created thousands of levels for Super Meat Boy Forever. Every time you play through the campaign, you encounter new levels and secrets. The studio claims that you can complete the game “several times before you have ever seen a duplicate level.”

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