South Korea denounces Chinese and Russian bombers entering its airspace

Russian and Chinese planes during the joint operation in the Asia Pacific region

El Estado borgmester Conjunto del Ejército de Corea del Sur denunció el Martes que 19 China and Russian Combat Aeronauts will enter their opinion in their area identification area da lo que, al parecer, eran unas manubras conjuntas.

Specifically, four Chinese airplanes first entered the Sura Korean Sea Defense Area Identification Zone on the Amarillo Sea, where he followed up with 15 Russian devices flying from the north., según ha detallado el Ejército.

In a statement, Seúl detailed that the two countries are implementing a joint agreement and aggregate that el Ejército surcoreano movilizó aviones de bekæmpe of the Fuerza Aérea prior to its entry into the Area of ​​Identification of the Defensa Aérea “as preparation for accident situations”.

The air defense identification zones do not have a territorial airspace and are not located in international areas. Syndembargo, an aircraft of bekæmpe extranjero must notify in advance its intention to access dichas zonas, in line with the international rules, to prevent accidental injuries between other incidents.

A Xian H-6K Chinese bomber (AP via Xinhua / Archive)
A Chinese bomber Xian H-6K (AP via Xinhua / Archive)

In this sense, the Ejército surcoreano has detailed that the Ejército chino has informed Korea of ​​the South that its aircraft institute a “normal” training, says the report of the Surcorean notices Yonhap.

No obstacle, He only transmitted his “preoccupation” with the incident and military canal crossings in Beijing and Moscow, according to an official of the Ministry of Defense at the Yonhap agency.

Last August, a similar incident occurred during which two Russian planes were detained for 30 minutes in the Surcorean identification zone.

Russian bombers Tupolev Tu-95MS (Reuters)
Russian strategic bombers Tupolev Tu-95MS (Reuters)

For its part, Russia’s Ministry of Defense provides information on the converts in the Pacific Ocean, including Lake Japan and Lake Amarillo. Según sostuvo, the patrol fue hecho by Russian strategic bombers Tupolev Tu-95MS and Xinos X-H-6K, in the market of the military cooperation agenda between the parties in 2020.

These agreements correspond to those of the “disarm and deepen” parties to their military cooperation in the context of the perfection of the potential of “common actions and to reform the global strategic stability” and are not directed against third countries, following the Russian war.

United States has called on Russia and China to increase their military presence in the area, while the Kremlin has called on Washington to prepare missile missions in South Korea and Korea.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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