Sons of the Forest looks freaky and it’s coming in 2021

This chopping technology is satisfying to watch

Funny, I was just thinking when we would hear more about The sons of the forest, the entertaining title succeeds to the still very popular mutant survival game The forest. Endnight Games released another new trailer.

“Everything you want to see is recorded in real time from our latest build,” according to the study.

The sons of the forest looks freaky in an uncomfortably relaxed way. One moment you are splitting tree trunks and digging ditches, the next you have a spooky mask that fits into the locals and shoots a taser at a faceless mutant. This trailer is full of story snippets and gameplay excerpts.

It’s interesting to see the recordings end in a “2021” window without knowing if it involves an Early Access release like The forest (I suppose) or a fully finished game. Whatever I do, I expect survival fans to swarm over these eerie forests, and Endnight continues to support the sequel for years to come.

I had completely forgotten until now, but the multi-limbed woman appeared in the first trailer.