Some places from EE.UU. podrían tener an inesperada blanca Navidad

(CNN) – Some United States lodges will usually not have a white blank Navidad this year will be subject to a snowfall.

It can be normal in the north, but it can be found all over the United States as the Tennessee valley can also be found with snow on the Christmas road. Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee; Asheville, North Carolina; and the Mountaineers of the North of Georgia can have some snow. The highest elevations will increase more accumulation, but places like Knoxville, which probably tend to snow in Nochebuena, historically only have a 3% probability of a white Christmas.

The torment of snow in Navidad moves it

Everything is part of a larger system of torments that is strong and can cause important problems to the whole of this United States.

During all the holidays, there will be snow in the middle of the Midwest. Allí también se experimán vientos extremos. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in northern Dakota, Minnesota and northeastern Wisconsin. The conditions of ventisca søn possible have the miracles in the center of Dakota del Norte.

“The windmills can drive up to 95 km / h, causing visibility significantly reduced by snow,” said the National Meteorological Service.

Although the tortoise moves it, it will mainly be a source of pain. The Navidad vis-à-vis will be humane for millions of people from the north of New York City to the northeast of Florida. Inklusiv podría haber algunas tormentas severas.

“Ultimate shoppers should be aware of the towers that are moving rapidly,” said CNN meteorologist Gene Norman. “This configuration of torment can easily allow you to enjoy fun and including some torn letters and aisles. Especially in the nochebuena riesgo are the oriental sections of the Carolina of the North and the South, the south of Georgia and Alabama, and parts of the northeast of Florida.

From the Valley of Ohio to the Tennessee River, the river will cover the juveniles around the world. A large part of Virginia Occidental and the east of Ohio can be seen at least 13 centimeters deep, and the elevated elevators can be seen a few times.

For the great cities of the north, the lluvia esperada causes preoccupation with the towns that have ten in the sun. In New York, the official of the Binghamton National Meteorological Service advised residents: “In places where nevos have recently intensified, this could increase the number of new lives in the techs / structures that provoke the collapse” . The law that follows the new law can also cause rapid redundancies and floods.

The torment is despairing for the majority on the moon, giving a free and windy Christmas in the south, but parts of the north will be solidly cold. “Boston has a high-altitude prognosis of approximately 10 degrees Celsius, which is not only 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also means that Christmas Day will be even busier than Halloween in Beantown, CNN meteorologist said. Allison Chinchar.

Millions of passengers for Christmas to escape the pandemic

If the covid-19 numbers are at their highest level, the people will be traveling by air. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) said this month it examined more than a million people in airport security to ensure its continuation of the pandemic. “1,064,629 people pass through checkpoints throughout the country,” the TSA said. This means that 3.2 million people will fly in three days.

The fairy tales, we will meet in Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota, and the Grand Forks, Dakota del Norte. The jewels, the retreats, will all be the surest debit to the lluvias. Esto includes Nueva Orleans, Jackson, Mississippi and Atlanta. The new ones are produced and located in Knoxville, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

There will be rides on the highways all over California during the upcoming days, debit to the fast rides of Santa Ana the Merchants and Jewels. For Los Angeles and Ventura drivers, winds are between 65 and 95 km / h with low humidity. This will exponentially increase the potential for fires and will provoke an increase in existing fires.