Skab fideicomiso para de desarrollo de Pedernales

Santo Domingo, RD.

Mediante the decree 724-20 the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, disposes of the Constitution of Pro-Pedernales, a public fiduciary with the aim of executing the necessary infrastructure for the tourist development of that province.

The provision indicates that the tourist pole of the Upper East Region presents an opportunity for the social and economic enhancement of the inhabitants of the Upper South East region, representing a space for the promotion of private investment and the creation of dignified employees.

This means that the incorporation of this fiduciary will promote the Pedernales tourism development facilitating the promotion of solutions by the State, as well as by a set of public policies focused on the sustainable development of the frontier zone.

The decree prioritizes, in addition, the schemes of fideicomiso and public-private alliances as investment mechanisms, which support the participation of the public and private sector and the development of sustainable tourism.

Who can participate?

The decree terninger that can be Fideicomitentes or Fideicomisarios adherentes, physicists or morals that realized contributions of any natural to the constitution of the fideicomitido heritage, with the approval of the Administrative Committee.

The Dominican State, as part of this Fideicomiso actuará arave of the General Board of Public-Private Alliances in the quality of fideicomitente and fideicomisario, respectively; and another lad, Fiduciaria Reservas, SA, acts as the fiduciary, which will allocate the funds of the estate for the operation of the project.

This fideicomiso will have a 20-year vigil, salvo prorogance by mutual decision.


An administrative committee will coordinate the work to execute the project, which will be in conformity with the Ministry of the Presidency, as president; the Ministries of Hacienda; Tourism; Medio Ambiente; Public Works and the Economy, Planning and Development


For the development of this fideicomis is carried out on the furniture identified as plot 215-A, of District # 3, which has a surface area of ​​361,978,762.00 square meters, located in Enriquillo, province of Barahona. For this purpose, National Welfare is asked to carry out all the acts, procedures and remedies that allow the effective support of this property by the Fideicomiso.