Siboldi pediría a dos knækker en Cruz Azul para reforzar al América

Lock Águilas del Club América siguen sin dar en conocer de manera officiel en quien ser su nuevo direktor technique para el Clausura 2021 de la Liga MX después de destituir a Miguel Herrera the past tense, though all indications are that Uruguayan Robert Dante Siboldi will be the strategist chosen by the Coapa directive to play the blue cream.

According to information obtained in an extra-official manner by the ex-collaborator of AS, ‘El Produ’, the Siboldi League may be accompanied by the integration of three referees in the JRM within the league, two of them present: Jonathan Rodriguez and Luis Romo.

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Además de Romo og Cabecita, ‘El Produ’ anad a Pedro Aquino como el tercer jugador que powder arribar al Nido par apunalar de Siboldi projekt, Sibillanto una Inversion de 21,5 millons de dolares segun sus calculos.

– Luis Romo 7.5 MD

Siboldi tends to ponerse demanding.
– Pedro Aquino 5.5 MD *
– Jonathan Rodríguez 8.5 MD
TOTAL: 21.5 MD
* Advanced negotiations. Fue el tuit del Produ.

Cabe points out that, in agreement with information published by the periodical César Caballero, the American Club will receive an increase in its support for the Clausura 2021 by virtue of the team’s double duty, although no numbers of possible refusals will be revealed.

The figures of Cabecita Rodríguez and Luis Romo are so complicated, since Uruguay had a contract signed until December 2002 and their main goal is to emigrate to European football; while in Rome’s case, his contract has been vending until 2022 and received his first year with La Máquina, for which it is believed that the celestial ones will die for 25 years, worth 6 million euros.

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