She is the mayor of Danna Paola

Danna Paola has raised the international level for her songs. In the personal aspect, he is known for his fame, he has done a few days to know the identity of his husband Vania Rivera, who is a reconnaissance influencer on Instagram.

With more than 150 km of followers, the mayor of Danna Paola is very active in the social network, although it is owned by the public and the farandula.

Vania Rivera describes how to be a fitness woman and then demonstrate it with the spectacular photos that she shares on her Instagram account. In addition to holding a hat, Danna Paola’s husbandman maintains an athletic figure.

Through the social red mist, the influencer shared photographs of his husband, his father and his mother.

Between hermanas adoran and Vania always compares the exits of Danna, and in his time the song also dedicated some publications to his hermana and his sobrino, the little Iker.