“Series an honor can be in an institution of this tamaño”

Miguel Herrera does not want to leave his career to become the coach of Cruz Azul and command a guinea pig to the ‘Machine’

The technician Miguel Herrera accepted that the team was directing Cruz Azul, team that followed in its infancy by the admiration that the tenant to Miguel Marín, without embarrassment, revealed that he did not receive parades from the ‘Máquina’, as well as also had no contact with any team of the MLS o la Chile selection, however, communication has been established with the teams of the Middle East, located at no interest at the moment.

“Series an honor can be in an institution of this tamaño; tampoco me quiero candidatear, porque no me han llamado, y I appreciate that my name is sound in our clubs, but I do not have any access to anything. I am prepared and list for what I say and reiterate, give me llamen “.

“Si, me han llamado de afuera, para Arabia, para otras partes, donde mi cabeza no está todavía para ir a esos lugares; I was called the people of Chile, my name is also suena in the selection, los periodistas, no me ha llamado nadie de la federation. We will spend what we see, in the circumstances of hope and where there will be a real appreciation, we will be happy “, declares Herrera in an interview with ESPN.

Miguel Herrera has no intention of taking six months off, because it hopes to have a formal offer to be able to reach an agreement and then regress to the banks, including the desire to direct in the football of the United States.

”He always said that the MLS is a league that is creepy and has serious potential. The world is what it is, it is a league that has a lot of stability, that is home to a project, here it is home to an idea of ​​projects, although it is accompanied by results, but your project is more sustainable. Sin duda alguna es una liga que te atrae, pero at this moment no he tenido llamados de ningún lado ”.

“The world is not ready to go down. No, it’s me who’s the abruma. You have a load of pressure because you need the America, but I still love this part of being priced with my taste. If you do not like it, you will love it. Football is alive with pressure and with passion that can not be, for that matter, reiterate that on the other hand, more so than the MLS does not have the same sporting demands, if wins, pierces or empaths, requires a little people, “But the directives or the two states are working on large projects because of their deportations,” he concluded.