SEMICYUC proposes an escalation of emergency medicine staff

The Spanish Society of Intensive, Critical and Coronary Medicine advertises the organization “has possible secondary effects”

22. de 2020. 12:20

The Spanish Society for Intensive Medicine, Criticism and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC) has requested a plan for the escalation of emergency medicine staff. As indicated, there is a need for “coordination in order for the vacancy to take place in addition to the Intensive Care Services and to be organized in such a way as not to have any possible secondary effects”.

Emilio Díaz Santos is the Coordinator of the Infection and Sepsis Working Group on SEMICYUC. As indicated, “with the available data of the clinical trials, it appears that the Mayor of the persons present no effects. Without embarrassment, some people present a pair with an infection that can last from one to three days ”. For this, it has been agreed to carry out an escalation between the assistance staff and to carry out this evacuation with a provision of two to three days off during the evacuation.

The intensive care unit had years to treat patients with respiratory distress. What happens now is that there are many more patients. We can have enough beds and sophisticated respirators in a relatively short time; specialists, no ”, ha dicho Díaz Santos. In his opinion, “a plan coordinated for the evacuation of the specialty minimizes the possible risks of staff shortages or assistance in Intensive Care Units that have been extended by some of their facilities”.

Intensive medicine, in favor of evacuation

Asimismo, from this scientific society has supported the front evacuation to the COVID-19. “The vacancies of Pfizer and BioNtech are based on ARN message that can not provoke an infection or penetration in the nucleus of the cell. In addition, if the lipid carrier carries the year of stability, the product is eliminated by the body in one hour. If this is not enough, then the vacancies with this technique, with decades of patients in phase III of the product. So, you can decide what you need with the necessary scientific advice. It is clear, in the meantime, that there is a product that is being traded for its rapid use, the regulatory authorities have established special follow-up systems ”, commented the spokesperson for SEMICYUC.

Respect for reinfection, the Spanish Intensive Care Society recommended the evacuation between those who were hospitalized in the UCI during 2020 and were treated with high medicine. “These patients, after a period of time that were three months old after passing through the infection, should be vaccinated as well. Probably including the need to prioritize, then between the re-infectious pockets he describes as the most serious the second episodes respecting the first ones ”.

For another lad, this scientific society has indicated that the current risk prevention protocols in the UCI are required to be maintained. “As soon as the vaccines required dose have not been administered completely and the time for the generation of antibodies has passed, it can not be considered that the vaccine has been produced. Tampoco sabemos aun cuanto tiempo durará la immunidad ni si con la vacuna diminished the cases cases or the persons with transmission capacity ”.