Sebastián Rulli commented on the video al estilo Gabriel Soto

Luego de que filter an intimate video of Gabriel Soto autocomplaciéndose, now the miracles are centered on nothing but Sebastián Rulli, who, according to him, asked for a clip of Irina Baeva’s new style.

Y es que el galán de Angelique Boyer launched a post on his Instagram account, with the accompaniment of a very popular message, then the contest has all those who wish to leave with full action.

WHAT IS THE DIJERON? Irina Baeva is criticized for demanding: “No le queda el papel de seria”

“In those who are watching the video and see if the water is choked by the Argentine chorizo, here are some photos. Dependiendo de los kan lyde … can you watch video ”, was the message that Sebastian solts to raise the fans’ fans.

Inclusive, Rulli I put a pair of photographs in it that can be chorizo ​​in mano, but there is no way to think badly, then we can take this typical plateau of his country, which is different, on the other hand, is cocaine.

LO DEFENSE! Irina can also listen to Gabriel Soto’s video:

As you can see, the telenovela’s postal entertainment diverted more than 162 miles of red crows, at the moment, and decades of comments on what many of his followers will be hoping to share with his visual material, will it be nice to talk about it?


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