Santiago: Cierran Pulse markets for coronavirus cases

The municipal and police authorities of Santiago will find the madrugada of these markets the market of pulses that opera in the avenue Joaquín Balaguer.

In the active participation of members of the Ministry of Public Health, the National Police and the Municipal Police, which proceed to the temporary courtyard of the plaza, there are agglomerated miles of people.

The provincial director of Health in Santiago, Norberto Peña, said he would close the temporary form market, but he said he would like to resign, because he had to reach a consensus with the administrators, and the covid-19 cases would follow.

Dijo que tomarán medidas para avoid agglomeraciones en otros lugare como bancos, supermercados y tiendas.

Buyers who want to sell it on their own at the market. Luego improvises a market above the place, around the members of the Police and the Ejército lo impidieron.

Motorcyclists and sellers queue by the market leader and classify the medium as arbitration, because he is desperate to win the Nochebuena money.