Samsung’s next Chromebook may come with a 4K screen for better battery life

Following a leaked release earlier this week, more information about Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 has found its way online, including pricing information. A marketing image shared by Microsoft tipster WalkingCat suggests that the device will have a 13.3-inch QLED display with DCI-P3 wide color coverage, a 10th generation Core i3 processor and somewhere in the 12-hour ballpark battery life. It will reportedly also include louder speakers, WiFi 6 connection and a slightly heavier frame than its predecessor.

For context, the first Galaxy Chromebook includes a 4K AMOLED screen and a 14nm 10th generation Intel i5 CPU. This combination of components is the biggest culprit behind Galaxy Chromebooks’ notoriously poor battery life. In his review of the 2020 model, Engadget’s Nathan Ingraham found that he could not even get four hours of use of the Galaxy Chromebook before the battery died. The claim in the above slide suggests that Samsung got the note about the battery life.