Salvan patient life with abdominal aortic aneurysm and COVID-19

Belinda Z. Burgos González
Agencia Latina de Noticias de Medicina and Salud Pública

The COVID-19 continues to increase the number of home medicine doctors in a very unobstructed panorama.

And while more and more people are undergoing surgical and clinical screenings in the presence of an invisible area, this suction is related to an endovascular patient who was admitted to the San Lucas Emergency Room with a ruptured aneurysm positive in COVID-19.

The patient was interrupted before the blood loss. Here is the case of this man of 60 years who smokes that presents abdominal pain. The aneurysm was discovered 8 centimeters long and showed a rupture, according to Dr. Rafael Santini, vascular surgeon at San Lucas de Ponce Hospital.

”Those who are hospitalized with this disease, the mitad muere, around 75%. Tenia has an abdominal aortic aortic aneurysm. It should be noted that the patient was COVID19 positive. Fue a cuadro a little stressful. It has a rotten aneurysm, but the patient must die if he does not intervene and also has coronavirus. ”

”The patient was immediately taken to the operating room to not be exposed. Our arms of all a protection team. Hicimos the surgeon with this patient with COVID19 intubated, with the low pressures because he was actively singing, and we could do a repair of an endovascular aneurysm named EVAR, don aa travers de la ingle, sin tener que dar ninguna incision un mbo grande inside the aorta and tap the gut through it is tangled and the patient recovers ”, added.

Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) is a surgery to repair an aorta in the aorta (which is the largest body of the body) to prevent it from forming. An aneurysm on its vein is an aortic rupture. The technique represents less morbidity of the patient and less time of intervention.

Thanks to the rapid work of the physicians, the patient immediately reviewed both clinics considered dangerous.

Most compensated patients by means of COVID-19

On the other hand the subspecialist knows that during this year he has seen the most endovascular patients compensated as an example, which is late with arterial occlusions of the veins, with gangrene in the pie, those who can not offer another alternative if the amputation o, if more complicated with clinical clinics of neonatal, renal disease, between others.

Reasonably, there will be a release date of a study to test the clinical status of this patient population.

We would like to demonstrate that the patient is the most admitted, that there are more complications such as the need for more blood transfusions, if more surgery is required, if more days are needed in a ventilator, among other variables. These patients are the most eager to evaluate the virus for help, ”indicates.

“It represents a more onerous cargo in the Puerto Rican health care system. No tengo la menor duda ”, concludes.

Dr. Santini’s position is the same as that of holding Puerto Rican medicines, all of which he performed in a single vox to instill in patients to continue their treatments and medical treatments of the chronic diseases, then the most serious of the pain travel to Puerto Rico and enter the world.