Salud esperaba var en kantant borgmester de las vacunas de Pfizer

The Department of Health has revealed high school, who hopes to receive more vacancies against the COVID-19 manufactured by the Pfizer company.

Ingen hindring, de acuerdo con el titular de la agencia, Lorenzo González Feliciano, is not affecting logistics and hopes to continue the distribution of doses throughout the month of January.

“I hope for more vacancies. I believe it happens in all jurisdictions. If I hope more for Pfizer in the first round and no success”, the official said at a press conference to update the information on the maneuver.

“The process will depend on the availability of vacancies that exist for the Netherlands”, the title added.

Specifically, González Feliciano detailed that between now and then it is hoped to receive 27,000 vacancies manufactured by Pfizer and 21,000 doses of Modern.

Hecho, the National Guard is available to open this morning a evacuation center at the Pedrín Zorrilla College, but added to the high number of medical personnel who were staying at the event, the event should close its doors to ensure that all those present vacuna.

No matter, according to the secretary of Salud, Iris Cardona, is merma in the receipt of the doses not affecting the process for distributing the vacancies.

“Basically, it does not have a production problem. It is a problem of speed with which it is possible to release the lots of the vehicle to the Pfizer company,” Cardona said.

“A procedure that none of the states or local authorities control. What we have guaranteed is that even if it does not have a large volume of vacancies in a single month, we will be receiving consistently for the next six weeks. cantidad finita, pero tampoco son pocos números “, continued.

Of this mode, the local governing body spends 21,400 doses of Pfizer and 21,000 of Modern at the same time as the next month, of which only 11,000 are destined for employees and residents of advanced people.

Despite the fact that this could be constituted, the Secretary of Health creates that it does not indicate a long-standing problem, then it appears that it is for the finals of February, the spokesman of five distinct companies is distributing his versions of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Currently, only the Pfizer and Moderna vacancies are approved, but the doses that Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca manufactures can be available in Paris.

“It is beneficial for the population. In the midst of the fact that we have three additional companies that can generate a vacancy, we will see that potentially a change in the phase process”, says the secretary.

Nueva cepa no debe resistir vacunación

Ante reports from a new cove of COVID-19 that originated in the United Kingdom, González Feliciano assured that at present there is no information indicating that he must resist the vaccine.

Ingen hindring, alarm that the people have to maintain alert alert that this variant must have a higher altitude of transmission.

“We will have an absolute case of the world in question of travel routes from England to other parts of the world”, he said.

“English has also opted to not generate travel fares from its jurisdiction”, aggregated.

Very few reactions to the vacuna

Todavía has suspicions about the eviction process in the city, but for the miles of vacancies he has administered in Puerto Rico, only people have experienced an adverse reaction.

According to Cardona, none of these had significant complications in the health of the person and only he represented fever-related symptoms and muscular pain.

“We have reports of bites in the body, lice and nostrils, adorning in an area of ​​the mouth. This has all been described in clinical studies,” he said.

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