Sala de lo Constitucional le reitera orden a Bukele que no puede impedir ingreso de salvadoreños al territorio | El Salvador News

La Sala recalls in Bukele that the Constitution seeks to impede the entry of Salvadorans, at the moment in which it has ordered that no procedural persons from the United Kingdom and South Africa be involved in the creation of a new covenant of COVID-19.

“If abstention is to impede the entry into the national territory of the Salvadorans who are living in the United Kingdom, South Africa or any other country”.

This is the order in which the Constitutional Chamber of Deputies, President Nayib Bukele, holds the titles of the Autonomous Portrait Executive Commission, Federico Anliker, and the Directorate-General for Migration and Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Cucalón.

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The Chamber notes that the Constitution seeks to impede the entry of Salvadorans into its territory, at a time when Bukele has ordered the entry into force of United Kingdom and South Africa, affected by a new covenant of COVID-19.

The magistrates refer to the president and his officials that the salvadoran leagues have contraceptive and sanitary means that do not implicitly violate the human rights of the salvadorans.

For that matter, the Chamber of Deputies has ordered the Minister of External Relations, Alexandra Hill, to “without delay” adopt “consular, diplomatic or humanitarian mechanisms for the salvadorans who are confined to a situation of vulnerability in the countries hayan adopted transit restrictions ”.

Asimismo, the minister must respond “by form, effect and solidarity” the requests for information or assistance that plant dichos know in the council of consuls.

The Room has a three-bedroom apartment for informing about mediocre dichas.

It is the second time that the Bukele Order has not imposed the return of salvadorans, despite the fact that El Salvador International Airport resumed operations on passenger flights on September 19, 2020, but the Bukele governor did not enter constancy of which has taken the anti-covid test.

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The governor of Bukele ordered the airliners to demand the test at the embargo points.

Without embarrassment and the new order of Bukele to not allow passengers from the United Kingdom and South Africa to enter, the Sala warns that who have adopted these restrictions, because they consider it an opportunity to order cautious media in order to preserve their frontal situation in this crisis ”.