Russia responded in Colombia to the expulsion of Russian spies


On December 23, it was announced that Gobierno will call Colombia’s ambassador to Moscow, Alfonso López Caballero, to demonstrate the Kremlin’s dissatisfaction with the expulsion of diplomats señalados de ser espías.

Following the conocido of El Colombiano, Russia the diplomatic manifesto that the media of Gobierno Colombian has no foundation and ratified his decision to expel También to the Colombian diplomats from Moscow.

This step does not correspond to the spirit of traditionally friendly and mutually respectful relations between Russia and Colombia.

Last December 8, the Colombian government expelled from its territory the Russian diplomats, which a hybrid cometido espionage.

The Revista Semana’s revelation this March and hours after the Chancellery informed, in the wake of a statement issued in response to the decision to expel the Russians, the governor of Vlardimir Putin decided to do the same, and expelled Colombian diplomats from Moscow.

Followed by Ana María Pinilla Morón and Leonardo Andrés González Guzmán, both second secretaries of external relations and women working with the Colombian ambassador to the Russian Federation, Alfonso López Caballero.

The Public Functioning Platform can find the lifeblood of these Colombian officials, who must regress to Russia’s decision.

Ana María Pinilla is a Professional in International Relations and her profile ensures that she has not completed a Master’s in Analysis of Political, Economic and International Problems.

Fra 2009 til 2013 trabajó og servicio al cliente i ‘Parrilla Paella Pa´todos’, luego paso a ser contratista para Ministry of Exterior Relations, y el 26. nov. In 2019, the cargo of third secretaries of the Embassy of Colombia was transferred to the Governor of the Federation of Russia.

On December 19, in Ana María Pinilla’s ascending to the second post of Secretary of State for External Relations in Russia, it was announced that this would take the decision to expel.

For his part, the other Colombian official who has been hired by Russia, Leonardo Andrés González, is represented by Derecho Commercial and Derecho Administrativo.

As a legal officer of the Aceites Manuelita between 2013 and 2014, it was last year to become a contractor of the Rotary Foundation of the Ministry of External Relations. On May 15, 2019, the secretariat of the Colombian Embassy passed the Russian government and became the second secretary in his diplomatic career.

The entry to the Carrera Diplomática y Consular is exclusively in the category of third secretary of External Relations and ascends to the same categories of escalator, in the following order and time of permanence, has to go to the category of ambassador.

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