Resurrectionists: the history of the cadres’ helpers who help advance medicine

200 years ago, a lucrative industry was living in its splendor: the resurrectionists were illegally taken away to sell corpses to medical schools.

When a person enters his quirides, he hopes that his remaining remains will be permanently in his final descent bed. 200 years ago, without embarrassment, with the increase in the volume of medical students, a industry very redituable emergi in the United Kingdom: one of the resurrectionists.

A series of ladrons is organized to add cement. If hicieron llamar así «by traer a la vida a los muertos«, Y se adentraban a los campers to exhumar corpses and sell the medicines in training. In addition to human remains, we find other animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, cats and tortoises. This mustard is what it is anatomy was a point of fundamental interest for the scientists of the era.

An ultratumba industry

Esta industria tan lucrativa vio su esplendor por la collection of available courses for study. The students prefer to buy their own cadaver for tener material for learning. In addition, dissection was an widely accepted practice among the community of academics dedicated to medicine.

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Never before has information been gathered with respect to these halls. For the first time, a recent review was published archaeological evidence of what suede with these robust corpses. El tomo describe all the posterior process to the interior: from dissection and autopsy, until the entry and the exhibition.

El robo de cuerpos with fines médicos

One Anatomical dissection in enlightenment England and beyond: autopsy, pathology and einhibition, the author explains with detailed detail how the practices of the resurreccionistas ayudaron in promoting the progress of medicine. Science directly benefits from this industry has almost certainly been highlighted in many countries, while helping students and academics alike. increase his body mass compensation.

The investigative work in no uncertain terms. Syndembargo, el Dr. Piers Mitchell, investigator of the Cambridge University, is looking to reunite with esqueletos exhumados entre los siglos XVIII y XIX. Together with his team of scientists, he discovers that the rest of the fleet is surrounded by work shelters, prisons and private anatomy schools.

In the book, Mitchell shows came the anatomy was an area of ​​research key scientific hace dos siglos:

“Thanks to the discoveries of the first anatomists, we have advanced our modern knowledge of the functioning of the organs and the way in which normal anatomy is treated.”

More so, Mitchell and his team will find evidence to show como los fueron amputados por parte de los academos mismos. Suppose there are relationships with training needs, to enable them to train in training.

In one case, the same cadaver has tenid multiple amputations, así as su craneo y pecho abiertos. In this form, you can practice real life surgeries in person, with a margin of error.

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