Reportan disapproved of a 48-year-old man in Carolina

Agents of the Carolina CIC Disappearance Personnel Division are looking for a man who disappears the December 4th in Carolina Gardens.

Victor Raul Rivera Burgos of 48 years, was last seen at his home in Calle E of the Carolina Jardines urbanization.

Rivera Burgos was reported by his mother and the same was described as 5’6 ” of stature, 230 pounds, white tea, brown eyes, cano cable the same has a tattoo on the right hand that lee “vicmarie”. The male salvage topless the car in which it is transported from combustible a Hyundaqi Elantra ghris 2020 with the tablet JMW-350 and from this moment is discontinued on parade

If you know the parade of this person, communiqué with the division of persons disappearing to 787 793 1234 ext. 2202/2463 or 787 343 2020 for the application of intelligent telephones “BASTA YA” or the official account of Twitter @PRPDNoticias and Facebook www.facebook / prpdgov.

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