Reino Unido reports on cases of a second variant of covid-19

(CNN) – The Sanitary Authorities of the United Kingdom are detecting cases of another new variant of covid-19, originally identified in South Africa, said the secretaries of Salud Matt Hancock’s secretary.

“This new variant is very preoccupying because it is the most transmissible and because it has mutated more than the new variant that was discovered in the United Kingdom,” said Hancock. “Ambos his case contacts that travel from South Africa in the last weeks”, explanation.

The Secretary of Health announces new restrictions on travelers traveling to the United Kingdom of South Africa. He has also been in contact with people he met in South Africa for the past 15 days and has been in quarantine for some time.

“These are their temps, while we are investigating more and more this new thing is being analyzed in Porton Down,” he explains.