Refugee Admission Program, Biden Challenge

(CNN) – President Donald Trump passed years limiting the number of refugees who went to the United States. Thus, President-elect Joe Biden has agreed to establish the annual refugee allowance limit of 125,000. But first, his team tends to play with the given day.

The refugee limit, which determines how many refugees can be admitted to the United States, must be approved by the President. However, even though the limit has been shown as an objective to increase, the real number of admitted refugees has been insufficient both for the Trump administration.

This year, the Trump administration created a suffering of 15,000 refugees, the highest level since 1980.

“The program that is inherited by this administration is in its ultimate ally,” said Danielle Grigsby, Refugee Council USA Director of Policies and Practices. “It takes as much political will as a temporary inversion to revoke policies for the science program to operate as it can and is prevalent.”

March, the transition officials will reiterate Biden’s compromise to restore the United States immigration system, to warn that time will run out, given the abundance of political changes in the last four years.

“The infrastructure within the governing body, as well as the infrastructure in the NGO community, has been very affected in the last four years, so we are evaluating it to determine how quickly the administration can move”, this is a function periodicals during a press release on March.

“It’s a huge challenge, green, because the actual administration gives so many things,” said the official.

Biden has been echoing this since its end-of-year discourse on March, when it announced its promises for the time being, in particular with the policies related to the frontier between the United States and Mexico.

“It’s hard and it’s fast. But it is not possible to make the first day, levy all the restrictions that exist “, says Biden.

The increase in refugee admissions has an impact between the Biden Transition Team and the Department of National Security, which form a panel in the process, following a familiarity with the discussions, the signal that the team is evaluating. which should be adjusted to eventually log the Biden meta.

When it comes to the administration, the Biden administration is forced to establish this limit in the fiscal year 2021, a transitional official that is “ready to go”, and agrees that “depending on the state of the infrastructure, which is what we determine ».

The Internal Secretary of National Security, Chad Wolf, said on Monday during a Heritage Foundation event that his department had proportional information on the Biden-Harris transition team, and agreed that the process “is as good as it gets”.

“We are exchanging information, we are burning information,” said Wolf, enumerating the covid-19, immigration policies and refugees as transition teams.

Cómo is the limit of refugees

Each year, the administration establishes a limit on the number of refugees who can be admitted to the United States. Historically, the amount of admissions has fluctuated since the world events, although in general it has been high. From the fiscal years 1990 to 1995, for example, many refugees who went to the United States in the early Soviet Union, according to the Pew Research Center.

In the last years of the Obama presidency, the administration has raised the refugee budget from 85,000 in the 2016 fiscal year to 110,000 in the 2017 fiscal year, and midway through the Syrian crisis.

Barbara Strack, Executive Director of the Refugee Assistance Division, EE.UU Citizenship and Immigration Services. (USCIS, by its English flags), participated in the initiative to increase the limit and advice that the reconstruction of the program will be timed. Aun así, signal the intention to increase the legacy is significant, argument Strack.

“It is worth noting that the administration compares this objective publicly because it allows the Department of State, USCIS and [la Oficina de Reasentamiento de Refugiados] comiencen a trabajar rumbo a ese nivel », dijo. “Let all the ordinances concerning the working conditions”.

Strack recorded that when the White House of Obama introduced it to the administration that the refugee base was lowered from 85,000 to 100,000, “hice that the empire administration contracted refugee officers, basically, as fast as the subduers were on board. preparations ». The administration announced later that the limit was 110,000.

The contract will most likely be a critical component for the Biden administration, which intends to increase the number of interviews with refugees. The departure of refugee officers to work in asylum cases in the last few years has caused tuberculosis in large numbers of refugee vacations that are advanced in the system, giving a familiar familiarity with the process. But we also have challenges with surgeons with covid-19, including USCIS interview teams that can not travel.

Domino effect

The Trump administration’s refugee crackdown has also had a dominant effect on the EE.UU redevelopment process, particularly for the agencies responsible for helping refugees establish themselves.

The resentment agencies help to provide refugees in a way that they are admitted to the United States, presenting services, helping people to seek work and familiarizing themselves with new communities. In some cases, it helps that the offices can be as simple as showcasing the people on the local bus route or the teachers will use the financial system.

During the last two years, agencies have been making adjustments to close offices or pausing co-op programs, including Catholic Charities of Dallas.

This group has been presenting refugees for over 40 years. This is the end of the Obama administration, the organization that met with 1,000 refugees in one year, says Dave Woodyard, executive director of the Catholic Charities of Dallas. This is the only response to our three unaccompanied refugees. The last legacy of an adult falls in December 2018.

The drastic reduction in the results results in a reduction of 80% in the staff of the response team. “Pierdes idiomas, pierde dialectos, pierde comprehension”, dijo Woodyard. “It happened through a very difficult process.”

Woodyard expresses its confidence that Catholic Charities will be able to reorganize to accommodate refugees.

“All the barriers and obstacles that the administration pushes in its place are the reason why this program is there,” Grigsby said.

Describes a series of steps that will help the incoming administration, including the immediate increase in the current fiscal year limit, allow referrals from the United Nations Refugee Agency and restore vulnerable bases.

Ashley Feasley, Director of Political Affairs of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of EE.UU. federal agencies and other interested parties in the reconstruction of the refugee admissions program.

The ambition to significantly increase the number of refugees required will increase, indicating the March of transition officials. But the compromise on its own has inspired confidence among the groups that are working tirelessly to renovate their programs once in a while and prepare for the day of the most refugee crisis.