Rechaza Mexico Presidency of the OEA

The Mexican government has decided to reinstate the presidency of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OEA), due to the lack of adequate conditions for cargo ownership.

Travels have been sent to the Deputy General Secretariat, which captures the ambassador Néstor Méndez (Belice), Mexico declined to collect the correspondence.

In accordance with the Statute of the Permanent Council of the OEA, the presidency of this organ shall be inherited successively by the titular representatives of the order in alphabetical order of the names in Spanish of the respective countries.

The commencing periods of automated manner in the first day of each quarter, in accordance with the calendar.

For this reason, in Mexico, the Presidency of the Presidency of the Permanent Council of the OEA will take place between the 1st of March and the 31st of March of 2021.

“The Permanent Mission of Mexico prior to the Organization of the United States has the honor of directing the Secretariat General of the Organization of the American States and referring to the ownership of the Presidency of the Permanent Council of the organization corresponding to Mexico March 31, 2021.

“Respectively, the Permanent Mission of Mexico informs that the Governor of Mexico has decided not to take over the presidency of this organ, considering that the conditions and organization of the organization that will allow him to function. Formally, the honor of soliciting that information was circulated between the Permanent Missions of the Member States of the Organization, ”Mexico said in a note issued on December 21.

The Mexican governor has not maintained a good relationship with the Secretary-General of the OEA, Luis Almagro, who has questioned his positions in internal political conflicts such as Venezuela and Bolivia.

Luis Almagro’s response to the OEA’s General Secretariat was given by means of different questions and positions, such as the Mexican, from which the process was not carried out, even though it was initiated to see the Covid-19 propaganda the world [marzo de 2020].

The electorate and Luis Almagro had a great triumph over the Ecuadorian María Fernanda Espinosa, to which Mexico supported.

Mexico, under the auspices of its permanent representative to the OEA, Luz Elena Baños, has accused Almagro of acting as a Member State and not as a facilitator. Question, in addition, the correction, but consider that it was not correct.