Receive double accreditation from the Human Medicine Unit

Emotional to receive double accreditation [nacional e internacional] of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Science of Health, Elector Antonio Guzmán Fernández stated that “this is the university’s card, because the UAZ will be present and there will be an unstructured pillar, more than the interrogators who can be present, travers de su el trabajo, la vida diaria, su vida en aulas y laboratorios ”.

The Rector considered that this event would be historic because “every online accreditation process is finalized; We are the generation that has tended to face this and has the right to correct, innovative form, entering into a very rapid adaptation process, finding alternatives to pass the time in this difficult time ”.

At the moment, says Guzmán Fernández, the most important thing is to ensure the health of the university community and its families.

Destaco that the double accreditation granted by the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of the Medical Education, belongs to Copaes [Consejo para la Acreditación de la Educación Superior] It is a team work reconstruction, led by Dr. Roberto Nava and his administrative complement, Dr. William Humberto Ortiz Briseño, Head of the Academic Program of the General Medicine Licentiate.

It is important to note that this is the accreditation that the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Science of the UAZ Health has obtained.

Asimismo, the rector dio an amplio reconciliation with the institutional labor articulated by the Dra. Elvira Borjón and externally also the “mayor reconciliation of professorship and personal administration”.

In the virtual session, Elector Antonio Guzmán Fernández also reviewed the vision and compromise of Dr. Vicente Ortega Cisneros (RIP), since the accreditation process was initiated two years ago, both under its direction, and at the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Science.

Cabe announces that the external external evaluation visit will take place from 19 to 23 October 2020 and during the June 1st Directive of the 1st of December this year, will review the results of the information burned by the institution and the information of the evaluation. team and the prediction team, the members of the Council, constituted as an accreditation committee, decide by consensus to accredit the mentioned program for five years.

On the other hand, the general secretary of the UAZ, Rubén de Jesús Ibarra Reyes, stated that, in the midst of the final press years, this is a very good news that reflects the work he has done with the Academic Union and the program. .

Refers to students, stating that “the work we do is fundamentally for students, because we study in a quality program, which has certification and accreditation, but a very important horizon for the future of labor. Siinté orgulloso porque estás stududende en una skuela de nacional nacional ”.

In his intervention, Roberto Nava Espinoza, Director of the Unidad Académica de Medicina Humana og Ciencias de la Salud, commented that the formalization of accreditation “reflects the work that our university community is doing in favor of medical education. Include in our professors, graduates, students and all those who are in the vanguard of this ardua arbeidskraft ”.

In his opinion, Elvira Borjón, Coordinator of Management and Quality Assurance, considers that this is a very special day, while approving the authorities to be part of this administration.

Agrego that “has a challenge to accredit the programs, has not been easy, the quality of the UAZ has been very important, because in these last few years I have been allowed to come and create the programs; the academic units he ido best on the basis of the recommendations ”.

Respectfully, we state that this program involves a challenge because the self-evaluation is very extensive; “I have more than 1,350 pieces of evidence that we will meet. It’s very content because it’s a great team and it’s the goal ”.

On the other hand, Alejandro Aguilera Galaviz, Academic Secretary, stated that this is a very difficult compromise between professors, directives and students, while carrying out a major reconciliation “to the dedication of all” to accredit a Medical License important in the scenario of a pandemic. It’s a waste of time to get to university. ”

At the student information institution session presents collaborators of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Scientists of Health, as well as members of the evaluation team, student members of the Council of the United Nations, the student union and the student union.